3 Secrets to the Mediterranean lifestyle - health, happiness and simplified living!

Unlock the Secrets of Mediterranean Lifestyle

.Empowering adventure seekers to embrace vibrant health, rich experiences, and timeless joy through simple yet profound principles and unforgettable culinary adventures.

This is not a diet; it’s a way of life. Explore new flavors, connect with fellow travelers, and rejuvenate your everyday life.

Bring the magic of the Mediterranean into your life, whether at home or exploring the world.

Unlock the Secrets to the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Mediterranean Magic for Daily Life

Explore the 8 Principles you can do from anywhere!

Mediterranean Magic for Daily Life

Explore the 8 Principles you can do from anywhere!

Eat. Work. Play.

The Mediterranean Way.

Imagine savoring every moment, every bite, and every connection. In the Mediterranean, life is about waking up with purpose, embracing the day with vigor, and fostering meaningful relationships. This simple yet profound way of living centers on joy and contentment.

Live healthier and happier. Experience deep connections to people and places that feed your soul.

We’ve embraced this lifestyle and transformed our lives with eight guiding principles. Now, we invite you to do the same. Whether you’re an empty nester, seeking a fresh adventure, or simply yearning for something more, this journey is for you.

Live the Mediterranean Way
Culinary Adventures Await You
Join us as we share our passion for meaningful travel, deliciously healthy cuisine, and a vibrant way of life!

Embark on a journey that will feed your soul, ignite your passion, and transform your life. Together, we’ll make every moment matter.

How can we be your guide to this extraordinary journey?

rediscover joy

Principles to prioritize your happiness in every aspect of life.

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Connect Deeply

3 Secrets to live the healthier life you’re craving, right now!

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Italy Culinary Retreats

Live the Mediterranean Lifestyle for a Week, an experience like no other.

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O’Live Traveler Reflections:

Moments That Matter

“I never knew life could be so much fun.”
Tina & Joe
“Life is so much simpler when you don’t stress as much and allow yourself to have enjoyment together. Remember the good times. Thank you for helping us rediscover that again Anita & Dario.”
The Jones
“We eat so much healthier than we did before and it is delicious!! Now when we want to enjoy a few gourmet dishes or have our International Dinner night with friends we can. We feel like a million dollars with our mind, body and our relationships. We are enjoying the flavours of life together and really connecting again with each other and made new friends.”
Paolo & Teresa
“Thank you Anita & Dario You have opened us up to rediscover life again through food, travel and adventure. Which we love!! We were so busy with our lives to really live fully. We started with a cooking class and have now enjoyed all Anita & Dario’s programs and still loving our membership in the International Dinner Club community of people we now call friends. We feel happy, healthy and reinvigorated. We smile and laugh more and enjoy the moments. Thank you and looking forward to your next travel retreat.”
Sharon & Tim

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The Heart Behind the Adventure:

Anita & Dario

We’re Anita, a Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate, and Dario, a World-Renowned, Multilingual Italian Chef.

When our second chance began 9 years ago, we embraced eight simple principles that transformed our lives, inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Our approach centers on Health, Happiness, and Connection—an authentic journey of rediscovery. Claim your confidence and joy in the kitchen, explore the world with fresh eyes, reconnect with loved ones, and make new friends along the way.

Join us and transform every day into a vibrant, joyful adventure.

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