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Hire the Dynamic Duo!

Anita and Dario can speak at or cook for your next event.

Working to bring communities together is something we do best! Let us help make your next event more than just an event, but an unforgettable experience filled with fun and connection.

Hire us to speak at your event:

Our speaking style is designed to engage our audience. Not only will we educate your attendees, but we pride ourselves on our ability to infuse every one of our topics with the passion we feel for the Mediterranean Lifestyle. Topics include….


Italian Food & Culture In Today’s Society


Cook & Eat Together To Stay Together- Reconnect passion for food & lifestyle.


Juice & Meal Pairing For Health & Flavour


Fridge Feasts – Sustainable Cooking Based on Our Fridge Feasts Series


Living A Mediterranean Lifestyle (Not A Diet)

Hire us to cook at your event:

Cooking together is our passion, and Chef Dario is a world renowned Chef. Not only will the meal be amazing, but the experience of preparing it while incorporating Anita’s corporate team building experiences and collaborative activities will create an unforgettable, unique, and powerful team experience for your people.

Master Class
Power Bowl: Our original, signature program is a creative way for your team to interact together to bring together multiple ingredients to create a delicious dish together.
Interactive Class

Cooking together is one of the best ways to connect, work in a collaborative setting, and build a team. Choose from Italian, international, or custom cuisine and a variety of menus.

Team Building Corporate Workshop
Power Bowl: Our original, signature program is a unique, fun way for your team to collaborate and work together to combine multiple ingredients into one delicious dish. Live Cooking Experience: A fun, interactive cooking lesson designed to open lines of communication between team members and give them a common, delicious goal to achieve together. Live Virtual Cooking Experience: For teams presently (or permanently) working remotely, finding online activities that are fun and also promote team bonding can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve translated our popular cooking experience into a unique and extremely interactive virtual cooking class.

We provide experiences for corporate events, private events, and at food or lifestyle events.

As a human resources professional or team manager for your company, part of your job is to build a great working rapport within your team. That means your employees probably don’t enjoy (or actually look forward to) attending and participating in them. With more and more teams working remotely, team building retreats are more important than ever. While there are many programs and retreats designed available, most (especially remote programs) feel more like a class than an actual experience.

We believe people learn more effectively while having an actual experience together. Let us take your team into the kitchen and create a true bonding experience for them around cooking and food!

You can also, hire us to be the spokespeople for your product or

brand (review required) or hire us to consult.

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The Community Says…

“Thank you Anita & Dario! You have opened us up to rediscover life again through food, travel and adventure. Which we love!! We were so busy with our lives to really live fully. We started with a cooking class and have now enjoyed all Anita & Dario’s programs and still loving our membership in the International Dinner Club community of people we now call friends. We feel happy, healthy and reinvigorated. We smile and laugh more and enjoy the moments. Thank you and looking forward to your next travel retreat.”
Sharon & Tim

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