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Calling all…

Human Resources Professionals and Team Managers Looking for the Perfect Bonding Experience for Your Team This Year.
Is the productivity on your team lagging
Do your team members have trouble working together on projects?
Are your employees uninspired and disconnected from each other?
Has working remotely severely impacted your team’s esprit de corps?
Are you tired of the same old boring team building experiences?

As a human resources professional or team manager for your company, part of your job is to build a great working rapport within your team. That means your employees probably don’t enjoy (or actually look forward to) attending and participating in them. With more and more teams working remotely, team building retreats are more important than ever. While there are many programs and retreats designed available, most feel more like a class than an actual experience.

We believe people learn more effectively while having an actual experience together.

Let us take your team into the kitchen and create a true bonding experience for them around cooking and food!

Our Cook-A-Vision program allows you to work with us to create a personalized, customized cooking experience for your team. It’s the the perfect way for your employees to learn how to work together while cooking together, as well as teaching principles for increased productivity and problem solving through teamwork. This program is a customized, unique, inclusive, and delicious way to boost team morale and for your team to connect while experiencing flavours from around the world.

Meet Your Facilitators…

We’re Anita Heidema & Dario Tomaselli the founders of O’Live Your Life.

North American born and raised Rich Life Strategy Guru Anita Heidema is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, health advocate, podcast host, and TV personality. Internationally renowned, multi-lingual, Italian-born and raised Chef Dario Tomaselli is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, professor for Chef Post Diploma International Program Italian Cuisine, and TV personality. Together, they will guide your team toward a more collaborative, connected, and productive relationship with each other.

O’Live Your Life was created in a castle in Italy in 2018. While conducting a culinary retreat together, Anita & Dario discovered that combining his passion for cooking and her mindset coaching created a transformative experience for their participants. It turns out that cooking and eating together is a huge opportunity to bond and learn to work together as a team.

There is a common thread that we all share, one that ties us together, and that is the connection between the heart, soul, earth, and food. It’s Anita & Dario’s passion, and they’d like to share it with your team during one of their unique and fun Power Bowl programs. Working to bring communities together is something they do best!

Cooking and eating together are experiences that naturally create positive connections and deepen relationships. In today’s work environment, it’s easy to lose the connection with each other. The Power Bowl experience is designed to push your team out of their comfort zone, encouraging them to work as a team through the time-honoured practice of preparing and sharing a meal together.


​​“We had Passion Is Cooking Chef Dario Tomaselli and Anita Heidema do an employee cooking afternoon. It was great to have an online demo dinner.

Some watched and others cooked together as a company. We had shared laughs while cooking together virtually as a team with our families. The recipes were given to us beforehand and a video, so it was easy for everyone to get the ingredients to cook with and have their dinner ready. We had the wine and juice pairing as well so we could enjoy it while we cooked.

“Thank you Dario and Anita for making it easy, entertaining, and delicious for our team to bond and spend time together. We have been mostly working from home and missing each other during these times. “

Geralyn Ochab, Imagia CEO

Want to learn more?

Book time to chat with us about how we can make your next team building experience the best your employees have ever experienced!

If you’re ready to…


Bring your team together for an experience they’ll actually enjoy and in which they’ll want to participate


Allow team esprit de corps to develop naturally through a fun, shared activity


Discover organic connections through a universally shared skill (cooking and eating)


Invest in a team building program your team will be talking about for years to come


Cooking with your vision in mind.

Let us create a customized, personalized cooking experience for your team! While cooking with us, we’ll walk your team, step-by-step, through every recipe, answering all your questions and facilitating team connection opportunities as we cook. When we’re done, there’ll be enough food to share as a team if you’re doing a live event, or with those in your household if the event is virtual.

Choose Your Experience:

Power Bowl

Our original, signature program is a unique, fun way for your team to collaborate and work together to combine multiple ingredients into one delicious dish.

Live Cooking Experience

A fun, interactive cooking lesson designed to open lines of communication between team members and give them a common, delicious goal to achieve together.

Live Virtual Cooking Experience

For teams presently (or permanently) working remotely, finding online activities that are fun and also promote team bonding can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve translated our popular cooking experience into a unique and extremely interactive virtual cooking class.

Once we chat about your event and decide the details, we’ll craft a personalized menu and game plan for your team building cooking class.

Isn’t it time to invest in a team building program that can actually bring your employees together and teach them to work as a team in a way that’s organic, unique, fun, and effective? Let us create a Power Bowl experience for them.

Want to learn more?

Book time to chat with us about how we can make your next team building experience the best your employees have ever experienced!

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