3 Secrets to the Mediterranean lifestyle - health, happiness and simplified living! 50% OFF!


…that 63% of North Americans spend more on medicine than on food? And that 87% feel increasingly disconnected each year, living life on autopilot?

Deep down, you know this isn’t acceptable, and it’s affecting your life. It’s time to inspire change.

We create unique experiences to help you rediscover the importance of health, happiness, and connection. Reignite your life through fun, food, travel, and the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Reignite your life through fun, food, travel, and the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Eat, Work, Play – the Mediterranean Way

8 Principles of the Mediterranean lifestyle to Enrich Your Path to Vibrant Health, Rich Living, and Timeless Joy you can do anywhere

Eat, Work, Play – the Mediterranean Way

8 Principles to Enrich Your Path to Vibrant Health, Rich Living, and Timeless Joy.

 Our MEDITERRANEAN Lifestyle will have you living healthier, happier, and with more connections to the people, places, and experiences that feed your soul.

The MEDITERRANEAN Lifestyle will have you living healthier, happier, and with more connections to the people, places, and experiences that feed your soul.

What does it mean to live the Mediterranean lifestyle?

In the Mediterranean, they get up with purpose and vigor, embrace the day, and prioritize meaningful connections with others, even during everyday activities. They embrace a simple way of living that focuses on creating happiness. They work to live, paying close attention to what brings them joy.

This simple way of living means they have a greater sense of gratitude, which in turn reduces stress and contributes to a healthier way of life. It’s a way of living you can learn and embrace, just like we did.

We’re passionate about sharing the Mediterranean way of life with you. Together, we’ll focus on what makes you happy and prioritize that into your everyday life. Then we’ll expand on that joy by incorporating adventure in new and creative ways as well.

When you become part of our community, you become part of the O’Live Your Life family

…and are invited, with open arms, to come with us as we share our passion for exciting travel, delicious, healthy cooking and food, and a new, healthy way of life!

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After years of living what some might consider a successful life, we found ourselves consumed by busy careers and disconnected from each other, our friends and family, and the joy we knew life was supposed to bring. We made a decision to seize control of our lives and consciously turned toward a healthier way of being. We’ve done that by embracing the Mediterranean lifestyle.


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The Community Says…

“I never knew life could be so much fun.”
Tina & Joe
“Life is so much simpler when you don’t stress as much and allow yourself to have enjoyment together. Remember the good times. Thank you for helping us rediscover that again Anita & Dario.”
The Jones
“We eat so much healthier than we did before and it is delicious!! Now when we want to enjoy a few gourmet dishes or have our International Dinner night with friends we can. We feel like a million dollars with our mind, body and our relationships. We are enjoying the flavours of life together and really connecting again with each other and made new friends.”
Paolo & Teresa
“Thank you Anita & Dario You have opened us up to rediscover life again through food, travel and adventure. Which we love!! We were so busy with our lives to really live fully. We started with a cooking class and have now enjoyed all Anita & Dario’s programs and still loving our membership in the International Dinner Club community of people we now call friends. We feel happy, healthy and reinvigorated. We smile and laugh more and enjoy the moments. Thank you and looking forward to your next travel retreat.”
Sharon & Tim

8 Simple Principles to the

Mediterranean Lifestyle:

Principle One

Eating Balanced the Mediterranean Way

This means a more plant based, balanced approach, but don’t let that scare you. It means delicious, natural foods (like nuts and legumes) and using local ingredients where possible. It means using healthy fats like olive oil and avocados, and Mediterranean size portions (which are far more moderate). It encourages eating three delicious meals a day, one glass of wine with dinner, eating until you’re 80% full, and learning to stop before you overeat.

Principle Two

Connecting the Mediterranean Way

If you don’t love to cook, it’s probably because you haven’t discovered the joy of cooking with other people (especially people you love). Having the right tribe of people and connecting with them in the kitchen and around the table regularly helps nurture not only your social circle, but your own health and happiness. In the Mediterranean lifestyle, we cook together, eat together, and create meaningful connections together.

Principle Three

Stress Free the Mediterranean Way

All of us need to slow down. Our days are usually too full and leave little time for rest and reflection. Both are essential for our physical and mental health. The Mediterranean lifestyle encourages time to breathe, taking breaks throughout your day, a good night’s sleep, and time for you. This is accomplished by creating stress-free routines during your day where you can meditate and rest.

Principle Four

Active Naturally the Mediterranean Way

Where can you choose to be more active in your everyday life? Simple choices like walking or biking to work or the store, choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator, standing up and stretching hourly while working, or taking a short walk after dinner instead of switching on the T.V. can add up to a naturally healthy lifestyle.

Principle Five

Have a sense of purpose the Mediterranean way.

We all need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Purpose doesn’t have to be a huge, dramatic declaration for your life. It can be as simple as focusing on what you love in the everyday activities in your life.

Principle Six

Practice Gratitude the Mediterranean way

We all have things to be grateful for but often, in the overwhelm and demands of our daily lives, we forget to focus on them. Taking just a little time every day to consciously focus on what you’re grateful for can change your life.

Principle Seven

Prioritize your happiness the Mediterranean way.

Often, focusing on what makes you happy leads you to focus on what makes those who are closest to you happy. In the Mediterranean lifestyle, happiness comes from helping others and doing good deeds every day.

Principle Eight

Look to try or learn new things the Mediterranean way.

In the Mediterranean, they understand that you’re either growing or dying. Being curious, travel and learning new things not only expands your mind, but also your world.

About Us

As a Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate (Anita) and World-Renowned, Multilingual Italian Chef (Dario), we have so much to share with you! Our healthy and passionate Mediterranean lifestyle and mindset initiatives will inspire you to create a lifestyle focused on simple changes that brings you joy and lead to health, happiness, and longevity.

We’ve integrated our skills with global culinary techniques, recipes, nutrition, and mindset adjustments to show you exactly how to do this. It’s time to feel more confident and have more fun in the kitchen again, while re-discovering the world and re-connecting with the ones you love. Best of all, this creates a ripple effect and re-ignites other facets in your life.

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