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Anita and Dario’s Adventure — Travel Milan, Italy Hidden Gems

Hi everyone! Welcome to Milan, where the Adventures of Anita and Dario take on a whole new flavor! We are exploring the second most populace city in Italy—after Rome, and where Dario was born! We love showcasing how we live the Mediterranean Lifestyle from anywhere.

Due to Milan’s strength in commerce, entertainment, fashion and education, healthcare, art and media, and cuisine, among others, it’s regarded as the Alpha Global City. During the Renaissance, Milan was one of the greatest political, artistic, and fashion forces. Moreover now here we are—enjoying the developmental strides throughout the ages!

We took to our electric bikes to explore and experience this ultra-modern European city, one of the world’s four fashion capitals, along with Paris, London, and New York! Scooters and cycles, along with trams, are popular modes of travel to experience city life and food in Milan.

The Tour

We rode through Milan’s city park, with surprisingly wide, clean streets, lined by great trees giving shade to a few people chilling on park benches.

During World War ii, much medieval architecture was bombed and destroyed, but the Sforza Castle private tour took us back to Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous artistry and more. The La Scala Theatre and Museum is also a selling point for the city!

The Good Luck Bull in Galleria!

In the stunning shopping street of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, there is a bull on the open entrance floor. If you spin on your heel three times on his private parts, good luck should be coming your way! Oh, Milan! Dario seemed to have gotten it right—watch that foot!

Food of Milan

As we enjoyed the fun food festival, we also found some delicious street food gems in the heart of Milan! 

Michelin Star Chef and restaurateur friend from Morelli’s restaurant is always a delight with his tasting menu. See other videos for more details.

Eataly is like a museum of food and drink. Food and wine specialties and restaurants to try. 

The RED Eat, Dream, and Read–iconic Book Shop! Purchasing, reading, or dreaming, you’ll not be hungry, as there is a café right there serving you snacks!

Oh! And the nostalgic Luini eatery behind the Duomo di Milano! Dario has been eating here since the 70s! This decades-old hot spot has been providing Panzerotti for savory goodness to satisfied customers. They must be doing something right to be around so long!

The Trippa Restaurant—Trattoria Trippa—signature tripe and bone marrow dishes in Milan! And you don’t want to miss the Roman-style pizza at La Pizza Romana, while El Bocon Del Prete food store satisfies the demand for healthy eating from the ancient Italian foundations.

City Life Area

90 acres of this modern area started back in 2007. The former grounds of the Fiera Milano is always a wonderful place to visit and stroll. High efficiency and alternative energy systems for sustainability have been created here as well which we enjoy learning about.

This city of ancient treasures and modern charm has us relaxing at Milan’s safe aperativo and idly watching a tram car go by and nationals and tourists experiencing life at their various levels. It’s the Mediterranean Lifestyle, coming from Milan, Italy. Anyone anywhere can live this lifestyle of well-being for good health and wellness.


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