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Monte San Savino—Tuscany, Italy—Travel and Food Day

Hello everyone! Anita and Dario Adventures take you on a picturesque ride back to the historic and charming village of Monte San Savina, dating back to the 1100s! This place has also a magical feel to it and it’s where we take people on our culinary retreats in Italy.

Sagra della Porchetta Festival

Every year in September, the town comes together for the Porchetta Festival. People from far and wide come to visit and taste the best of Tuscany—a must-see and one we visit every year.

Hidden Gems                                                                

Castelo di Gargonza is a magnificent fortified hamlet on the hilltop of the Chiana Valley. The castle of Gargonza hosts a 14th century church and was often the subject of dispute.

Chiesa di Sant’ Agostino

The Chiesa di Sant’ Agostino is a massive and enduring architecture with historic spiritual significance, enduring the ancient and gracefully embracing the present. Just walking around the walled city is a delight for its history, food and architecture.

We can never come to Italy without visiting this enchanted place, and you’ll see why. This Italian treasure fits perfectly into our Mediterranean lifestyle trips. It also takes our spirit to a whole new dimension! We have been travelling here for years, and it’s one of our favourite spots.

Aside from the peaceful vibe of Monte San Savino that just pulls you in with its charm and wholesomeness, and the gorgeous weather, some unforgettable friends remain in our hearts from the time- of meeting that will always connect with your spirits.

One such person we always talk about and accord great respect is the iconic Chef Aldo. He is the owner of the world-famous Italian restaurant Le Delizie di Aldo. We call this icon king of the Porchetta festival he has been hosting for the past fifty years. Pork lovers flock to the quaint village yearly to sample and enjoy the delicious and succulent feast. Of course, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

It’s an atmosphere of friendship, togetherness, peace, and well-being as diners stroll amiably between tables. Moreover, food stalls are placed outside for easy chilling and delectable, porky bites. No one wants to miss chef Aldo’s crispy and flavorful offerings. Seasoned with fresh, local herbs and spices, it’s an annual finger-licking treat for the whole family.

Italy is globally known for its sought-after cuisines, and Anita and Dario Adventures is committed to unearthing, living, and exposing the Mediterranean lifestyle to the world through travel and nutritious food. Anywhere there is fresh air, healthy, delicious food, peaceful folks—a system of non-pollutants, we are there advancing the Mediterranean way of life and passing the word along to enhance and encourage one village at a time to adapt and live the Mediterranean lifestyle from anywhere in the world.

A tour of Monte San Savino and participating in and enjoying the famous Porchetta festival is a dream trip. The weather is fine. The people are friendly and easygoing. The atmosphere is magnetic. The greenery is splendid. Also, the whole village and its architecture take you back to the distant past as you safely enjoy the present and relish the future.


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