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We’re Anita & Dario of

O’Live Your Life.

If you’ve spent any time on our website or Youtube channel, or you follow us anywhere on social media, you know we believe that healthy food and a slower-paced, more intentional daily routine are all part of the Mediterranean Lifestyle. Maybe you’ve experienced one of our challenges or you’re a part of our International Dinner Club and have already started incorporating our training and tools for living a more inspired, healthy, happy life.

We know that the best way to truly understand the Mediterranean Lifestyle is to actually experience it, and the best way to do that is to get outside of our comfort zones through travel. We’re passionate about travel, especially International travel, because it encourages us to experience the way another culture lives, to truly be in the moment and live our lives differently for a short time, and to leave our regular, day-to-day life so we can reconnect with ourselves and each other.

We’ve incorporated that passion and understanding into our own tours, making them completely unique and truly one-of-a-kind. When you travel with us, you’ll be as immersed in the local culture as we can get you. We truly believe that the most meaningful travel experience allows you to live as a local for a short time. When you do that, you can allow the culture to take hold of you, and that changes you on a very deep and personal level. It’s a rare type of travel that most people never have the privilege of experiencing.

Here’s how we accomplish this:

No more than 20 participants.

Our retreats are conducted in intimate groups of no more than 20 participants. You’ll get to know us and each other on a very deep level and the connections you’ll make during our retreats often last a lifetime.

Unique Experience

We cultivate off-the-beaten-path, unique experiences designed to challenge and inspire you in ways ordinary “tourist activities” can’t

We partner with locals.

Making sure our accommodations and experiences feel like family, intimate and filled with personal connection

This Amalfi retreat is truly a personal,

“insider” 7-Day Culinary Retreat. 

Who are we?

Internationally renowned, multi-lingual, Italian-born and raised Chef Dario Tomaselli is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, professor for Chef Post Diploma International Program Italian Cuisine, and TV personality. North American born and raised Rich Life Strategy Guru Anita Heidema is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, health advocate, podcast host, and TV personality with extensive travel industry experience. Together, we will guide you on a one-in-a-lifetime tour of Amalfi.

Imagine having your own personal tour guides creating a well planned and researched tour while having such intimate knowledge of the country, region, food, and wine that it allows us to also create spontaneous, spur-of-the-moment experiences usually reserved for locals.

Not only will you see and taste our Italy, but you’ll also come to intimately understand, over the course of the 7 days, exactly what we mean by “living a Mediterranean lifestyle” as you connect with us, with locals, and with the others on the tour. You’ll not only learn to cook and eat the delicious food of the region, you’ll also truly live the Tuscan culture in a way that may just transform you in ways you can’t even imagine.

Imagine Your Dream Italian Vacation….

If you’ve always wanted to experience Italy, not as an average tourist but as a local with special privileges, you’ll want to plan to join us for this unique and life-changing experience.

Clients Say…

We had an incredible time on our Under the Tuscan Retreat with Anita & Dario. We did adventures and tours we would not have seen on any standard tour. We got to experience Italy and all its beauty plus more. Looking forward to when they expand to other areas of the world and will join 100%.

This culinary retreat and days with Dario & Anita will stay with you forever.
Patti & Sam

Food, cooking & adventure oh my!!!! We had so much fun on our culinary retreat to Italy with Chef Dario & Anita. We ate like kings and sang like Boccelli :)….The tours were incredible and nice that we were a smaller group and that Dario knows many of the locals and language. We asked Anita to do a meditation every morning by the pool that started our day right. Perfect balance of activities and relaxation and just what we wanted. Grazie
Marc & Sally G

It was an experience of a lifetime travelling with Dario & Anita. We took their culinary retreat to Italy for 7 days on the front of a 2 week vacation. Italy was our dream and it was everything we expected and more. So much fun!!! Thank you.
Amanda & Jack

Ready to go to Italy?

Now accepting applications for 2023

Tour Group of 20 Only

Additional Expenses

  • Airfare to Rome ROM
  • 2 Lunches
  • Personal Expenses
  • Cancellation and Medical Insurance (must-have proof of)

Frequently asked questions

Q: What makes this travel experience different from other Italian tours?

A: The tours are with trained and experienced tour guides Dario & Anita, who know the country and people, thus providing a totally unique experience.

Q: Will I have free time to explore on my own?

A: Yes you have 2 afternoons in Florence and Siena, plus pool time to relax.

Q: What if I want a more bespoke experience? Is that possible?

A: All of our tours are bespoke for each small group, but if you’re looking for something more individual in particular, we’re always happy to add to the beginning or end of the trip

Q: I have questions that aren’t answered here. How do I get those answered?
A: Email at [email protected]

*All prices and itineraries are per person, based on double occupancy, in USD dollars unless otherwise indicated and are subject to change without prior notice until final payment is paid. All prices apply to new bookings only, based on availability at the time of booking. This tour requires a minimum of 14 participants to operate. In the event of an increase in any of the cost factors, Passion Is Cooking reserves the right to increase the price whereby the provisions of the Travel Industry Act shall prevail.

Packages are 100% non-refundable and accommodations transferable to a future date if Passion Is Cooking creates. Travel Group strongly recommends the purchase of cancellation and emergency travel and medical insurance including COVID-19.

Please note: Participants must be able to embark and disembark coaches without assistance as well as have a good level of mobility for walking tours in destinations where stairs and traditional cobblestone streets can be challenging.

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