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Thai Coconut Quinoa with Peanut & Lime Chicken

Thai Coconut Quinoa

Prep Time: 40 minutes
Cook Time: 50 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Thai
Keyword: chicken, coconut, qunioa, thai curry
Servings: 4


  • 4 chicken breasts (skin removed)
  • 2 cloves of minced garlic
  • 1 white onion, finely diced
  • 30 ml minced fresh ginger
  • 2 Thai chilis
  • 20 ml unsalted peanut butter
  • 500 ml quinoa
  • 1 lime, juice and zest
  • 1 piece fresh lemongrass
  • 350 ml coconut milk
  • 250 ml chicken stock
  • 3 springs of fresh coriander
  • 5 ml sambal
  • 30 ml coconut oil


  • In a medium skillet sweat the onion with one clove of garlic 1tablespoon of ginger ½ of finely chopped lemongrass and one Thai chili.
  • Add the sambal and the unsalted peanut butter.
  • Reduce the liquid by ⅓ add 1 cup of coconut milk and the unsweetened peanut butter.
  • Reduce the sauce for 20 minutes adjust the seasoning and blend to a food processor.
  • For the Quinoa bring 1 litre of water to a boil with ½ cup of coconut milk, one clove of garlic the finely chopped ginger, lemongrass the stem of the coriander finely chopped and the remaining finely chopped lemongrass.
  • When the liquid comes to a boil add the quinoa and the remaining Thai chili. (Cooking time approximately 15 minutes).
  • When Quinoa is cooked drain it but saved the remaining liquid.
  • Season the quinoa with lime juice, lime zest. salt, and pepper as needed and set aside in a warm place.
  • In a skillet heat up the coconut oil, seared the chicken breast on both sides, until lightly golden and finish in the oven. Note: keep in mind the internal temperature of a chicken breast should be 165°F or 75°C.
  • Remove the chicken from the oven let it rest for 5 minutes and add to the peanut sauce and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Serve on a plate with coconut quinoa and the fresh coriander leaf.



Buon Appetito
Chef Notes: This dish is inspired by memories of Anita’s mom creating wonderful peanut sauces and incorporating our favorite grain quinoa instead of rice.
Juice Pairing: Mango Cha-Cha 
Wine Pairing: Alsacian Gewurztraminer
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