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Living the Mediterranean Lifestyle from Costa Rica

Midlife food and travel couples week one adventures in the Blue Zone of Nicoya Peninsula
As the sun sets gently, celebrating a day of Mediterranean lifestyle adventure in beautiful Costa Rica, Anita and Chef Dario are experiencing the blessings of an enjoyable and fulfilling day. Also, iIt’s the culmination of observing scenic adventures of life in the wilds of the Costa Rica bush. As well as, absorbing the various spectacular land and waterscapes of nature, and enjoying blissful local food and Mediterranean ways of living in the blue zone!
The Finding Fish Adventure We lived to tell the tale.
Seeking out fresh fish to prepare for the day sent them on an adventurous walk from the beach to the pier some distance away, only to yield nothing! They were too late. So over to the town of Tambor they went and got a deal on shrimp and Mahi-mahi fish. Then because of the change in the tide when they were ready to go back, Anita had to swim through a river. Dario walked through with their catch of the day in the chest-high water, only to be told by locals that they had just come through crocodile water! And they could have been the Mediterranean buffet for the day! Or not. Enjoying shrimp and Mahi-mahi that evening for dinner with friends was nostalgic and memorable. Also,cooking together is such a bliss and check out all our recipes.
Adventures for a new year of 2022
We celebrated the new year with new friends and a bonfire on the beach. The feeling of the Mediterranean way of living was in the air. Fun loving togetherness!! On New Year’s Day we enjoyed a day to the island Tortuga for a short boat ride, snorkel and day at the beach. Not much sleep with 7am start with new year’s eve the night before but so worth it. Lesson learned to allow new years eve day for relax time. The adventure the fun-loving couple experienced! Furthermore, they went snorkeling for an hour in Tortuga. Also, they witnessed a school of dolphins, ate lunch on the beach and a small hike.
The Adventurous Journey to Montezuma
As Anita & Dario love the live the Mediterranean Lifestyle and practice one of the principle “be active naturally” they decided not to rent a car for all their time in Costa Rica and live like the locals.They enjoyed their adventures taking the local bus into town and meeting new people. It is the highlights of life to learn new cultures and ways and then best way to do this. Anita & Dario took their time getting to Montezuma and see the video to learn more as they met with their chef friend that opened a restaurant there on the beach. Every day brings its interesting adventures.
New Year’s Eve Adventure
Anita and Dario Adventures, Costa Rica style, saw them ringing in the New Year with dinner on the beach and spectacular fireworks with friends, Latin music, and good times meeting new people and connecting together. Such fun the first week in Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula.
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