Fill your life with flavour by bringing People Together & The World To Your Plate  The Mediterranean Bundle Dinner Plan you can create anywhere.
Fill your life with flavour by bringing People Together & The World To Your Plate With The Mediterranean Bundle Dinner Plan you can create from anywhere.

Think back to before the whole world shut down. Remember when you regularly entertained REAL people, IN YOUR HOME (not a computer monitor or Zoom room in sight)?

Remember the fun of planning for these evenings, shopping with anticipation, preparing an amazing meal alongside your partner for people you love? Remember greeting everyone with a long, warm hug and laughing together for hours around your dining room table, enjoying great food and wine, stimulating conversation, and true connection?

It’s been an isolating, difficult time for all of us, filled with lockdowns, social distancing, and time apart from those we love. If you’re like most people, it’s also made you acutely aware of how much you took connection around a great meal with your people for granted.

When we spend time in the Mediterranean, we see a deep and meaningful connection as we cook together or share a meal around a table with friends. We created the International Dinner Club community to allow you to do this easily, from anywhere.

Are you ready to reignite your inner chef, reconnect with friends and family, and start creating memories again from this new perspective of appreciation for how blessed you are to be able to prepare and share a meal together?

We’re ready too, and we can’t wait to welcome you to our International Dinner Club.

The International Dinner club is a delicious experience where you receive exclusive, chef-created, one-of-a-kind menus with five delectable courses inspired by a different region or country for you to explore.

You’ll receive recipes with suggested wine/juice pairings and a fun information kit on the selected region for your meal. These tools allow you to organize your dinner party and embark on your journey of cooking, sharing, and learning about exquisite parts of the world. All you have to add is the ingredients and the people you love most.

With the International Dinner Club Bundles you can:


Explore your inner chef (even if you’re a newbie cook, you can do these recipes)

Share the cooking experience by sharing the recipe for one or more of the courses and letting someone else make and bring a recipe.
Explore culture & cuisine from around the world (Yes! An at home travel experience!)
Plan your dinner party with ease (leave the time-consuming task of figuring out what to cook to us!)
Connect with family and friends over good food… prepared by you!
Intentionally create a reason to entertain your friends and family at least once a month
Whet your appetite, expand your culinary comfort zone, and renew your appreciation for the time-honoured practice of preparing and sharing meals together.

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

We’re Anita Heidema and Dario Tomaselli, the founders of O’Live Your Life.

Founders of O’Live Your Life, Rich Life Strategist and Health Advocate Anita Heidema and Chef Dario Tomaselli are ambassadors for living your best life now with the Mediterranean Lifestyle!

As a  Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate and a world-renowned, multilingual Italian chef with decades of training,, we have so much to share with you. Over the past several years, we have found the secrets and benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle and distilled them into a simple set of steps that you can do from anywhere in the world. Our healthy and passionate Mediterranean lifestyle and mindset shifts will inspire you to create a lifestyle that brings you joy through small changes and strong connections.

We’ve integrated our skills with food, travel, fun dinner events, global culinary techniques, nutritious menus, and mindset adjustments designed to show you how. It’s time to feel more confident—and have more fun—in the kitchen again, while re-discovering the world and re-connecting with the ones you love. Making these intentional shifts creates a ripple effect that re-ignites other areas in your life.

How it Works


Celebrate the countries in your bundle with a dinner party you and your guests will love. You’ll get recipes, activities, and access to an online community for travelling food lovers.


Receive recipe kits right to your email inbox. Each country kit includes a 5-course menu, wine & juice pairings, music suggestions, fun trivia, and a top destinations video,  and more!


Hands-on chef-created perfectly paired delicious recipes make it easy for you to prepare dinner and share in preparing for the party night. Grocery list and online ordering available in some locations.


Enjoy a fun dinner party experience on the date you choose with friends and family and explore new cultures, foods, and travel together.

Are you ready to…

  • Re-discover your passion for cooking to
  • Develop a deeper connection in your relationships,
  • Join with good friends and learn how to cook food from around the world.
  • Have some fun
  • Feel inspired and excited about travel again
  • Create a life you love!.

If so, the International Dinner Club is for you!

This is a dinner party purchase program for different countries and cultures that incorporates healthy recipes, global flavours, exclusive culinary techniques, entertaining and connection ideas, and travel tips.

Save time and energy when hosting your next gathering, while discovering culinary comforts and a renewed appreciation for preparing and sharing meals together.


You will learn to cook meals from….

























Ask questions directly with Chef Dario & Anita in the free online Private Facebook Community just for members in the International Dinner Club.
You receive extra cooking advice and product discounts and courses that IDC members only receive.
Ask questions directly with Chef Dario & Anita in the free online Private Facebook Community just for members in the International Dinner Club.
You receive extra cook and product discounts and courses that IDC members only receive.

Maybe you’re saying to yourself…

“I’m not a great cook and I don’t know if I have the skills to pull off a gourmet dinner”

We’re here to tell you, you absolutely do! The menus are delicious and nutritious, and also filled with detailed instructions to make sure you can successfully execute them. In fact, the International Dinner Club is a great way to become a better chef.

“We don’t have a lot of friends and don’t entertain regularly.”

The International Dinner Club is a great excuse to get together with just your family, a few close friends, or a whole group of people. You get to decide to do a monthly dinner party and create as big or small as you want, and as you begin feeling more confident as a host, you may begin to invite more people to connect as part of your dinner club.

We always encourage you to do monthly and start a new country bundle once you have enjoyed the last.

“I’m so busy now, I just don’t know if I can add one more thing to my plate (excuse the pun).”

This is one of the things we love most about the International Dinner Club! You can enlist the help of your family and friends to help make the meal a success! Ask a few invited guests to prepare one of the five courses, get your husband to help chop and prepare on the night of the party, ask your kids to help set the table and prepare the fun information in the kit to share.

Think of this as an opportunity to slow down, even if it’s just for a little while each month, and create an environment for not only eating dinner together, but collaborating and connecting on a greater scale to make each dinner unique and special.


So many options! We really enjoy the community.

“There are so many options with the International Dinner Club. The recipes are so unique and delicious. The wine and juice (yes juice) pairing are bang on. We travel, eat and cook a lot and really enjoy the community and fun we have with our group of 10 people we call “The Travelling Foodies” (woohoo). We are planning our next trip to Italy and will join Chef Dario & Anita in Tuscany and meet them live.”

Tom & Linda, Florida
No endless hours of searching online for recipes

“No endless hours of searching online for recipes to make for a large group dinner. The package you receive is easy with exciting new recipes each month for you to share with your foodie group. It’s so much fun to make the food and use the drink pairing and travel info to chat about the meal.”

Maria & Joe, Santa Rosa, CA
So much fun with friends every month!

“We have so much fun doing the International Dinner Club with our friends every month and it keeps us consistent for getting together. We always look forward to the next one and glad we joined the membership with all the special perks.”

Heather, Chicago

“Recipes are easy to make and the International Dinner Club adds excitement once a month to our family meals. It’s like experiencing a county in our home, and it is so delicious. We don’t get to travel much and this is our way of getting a travel experience.”

Randy & Fam-jam
“The International Dinner Club is so much fun. Our friends get together every month and look forward to it. The IDC makes it easy with recipes. We always learn new things about the country of the month. We set a fancy table for the and enjoy each other as couples.”

Sarah & Mike Fullerton
The regular price for this program is $197 (A $1200 Value!)

Join TODAY and pay only $147

(you save $50)

Still Have Questions?

We’ve Got Answers!

Q-When in the month can we have the dinner event?
A- You can plan for when is best for you. We like to say set a time that is consistent every month so that you will always remember. For example, every 3rd Saturday is your IDC party with friends. We like it when you do monthly or every 2 months because it builds consistency and friendships.
Q- Is there a place I can ask questions?
A- We encourage you to join our private Facebook group and ask questions and share dishes there. This is best if you want a more immediate question. Also nice to share from others for food substitutions and ideas. We also have our bonus evening once a month to ask questions here.
Q- Where are the recipes and party details on the country in the bundle?


A- The details are all on the membership site for you to see. You will receive an email with all the details with all the countries inside.
Q- What if we only have a few friends joining?

A- That is easy. We have recipes created for you that can convert serving sizes so you have the correct details. You can have a culinary night for 1 to 20 based on our recipes.

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