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We are so excited you will be promoting the Mediterranean Bundle with us. The Mediterranean Bundle is a truly unique experience. Along with the custom menu, members will receive suggestions for wine & juice pairings and…

…exciting fun facts about the region or country.

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About the Mediterranean Bundle

Digital Travel Themed Dinner Party for Italy, France, Spain that helps with a fun way to connect the world and simplify bringing delicious flavours of the world to your plate designed for the foodie’s soul.

Join us for the Mediterranean Bundle where you get a 5-course meal, wine and food pairing and an informational packet on that country. Submerse yourself in something new with the Mediterranean Bundle.

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Talking Points (Optional for creator)
  • Get sent a 5-course meal inspired by a new country delivered to your inbox every month
  • Gives you a new tradition that you can add to your calendar specifically designed to help you create, explore, and connect with your friends/family
  • A carefully crafted menu and pairing developed by a professional chef that’s creative and simple to understand. No more hearing the words ‘what should we do tonight’ as our package will inspire and drive your culinary choices throughout the month.
  • We add in an informational package about the themed country every month so that you feel like you are experiencing a different culture, without leaving your home and for a manageable monthly fee.
  • We know COVID restrictions have caused a shift in the way we do things, including the weekly traditions we have with our friends and family. International Dinner Club is bringing that fun and explorative element back into your social life by offering you an opportunity to connect with your friends and family members in a unique way.
  • Great to do with family and introduce your children to different cultures.
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  • Commissions are paid after 30 days via PayPal
  • Earn 30% commission on the Mediterranean Bundle 
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