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Easy Homemade Soup Ideas

Easy Homemade Soup Ideas including Thai Coconut, Asparagus, Simple Lentil and a Delicious Gazpacho Soup, perfect for any day of the week.

What do you have in your kitchen to work with??

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Most people will make a soup by boiling items in a pot and letting them stew. To gain the maximum flavour you need to cook the ingredients to release the flavours for a tastier soup base. It is like a foundation when you cook. Create the base while cooking and then add from there. Here is a video for our Fridge Feast Series where we show you how. Video

Chef Dario & Anita Passion Is Cooking

Passion Is Cooking Chef Dario Tomaselli & Anita Heidema creating healthy meals with what is available in your fridge and pantry.

Thai Coconut Soup RecipeVideo

Thai Coconut Soup

What you have in your fridge.

For us……today we used in the video with what we had on hand….. Same principle applies

Coconut Oil

2 cup diced celery

2 cup diced carrot

2 sweet potato diced

Garlic (smash with skin on to roast and not burn- see video)

Ginger (peel with back of spoon and use to make spices- see video)

Chilli (whole to chilli to roast and cut later see video)

1/2 onion


Let cook together, onion, chilli, garlic, ginger, with coconut oil for 5 min and season with salt.

Then add smashed and diced celery, diced carrot, add spices

Curry Spice

Passion Is Cooking Thai Spices or store bought

Passion Is Cooking Chinese 5 spices or store bought

Then add diced sweet potato to pot and cook with lid down for 2 min

Add 1 Stalk Lemon Grass smash and add to pot see video

Cover and lower temperature to low and cook and steam/sweat for 7 min

Add 1 1/2 cans coconut milk and increase temp for 10 min lid closed.

Taste to season salt

1 cup Coriander/Cilantro diced with stem and leaf

3 cups water

Cover and bring to boil and then simmer.

Add rice or quinoa.

Buon Appetito

Make extra and then freeze if you like. Tip- Bring soup to a boil after freezing…….

Next video is the garnish for the soup. Fridge Feast video here

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by Anita Heidema & Chef Dario Tomaselli

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