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5 Kitchen Quarantine Home Cooking Tips

Home Cooking & Lifestyle Tips

5 Kitchen Quarantine Home Cooking Tips in this difficult time during the global pandemic and anytime. Using everything at your fingertips in your refrigerator and pantry to create easy, no waste, chef quality recipes.

Chef Dario Tomaselli & mindset health strategist Anita Heidema, created Passion Is Cooking and a #StayHome and #nowaste initiative to use what you have at home with our Fridge Feast video series.. Think outside the box. The suggestions we make are ideas for you to look at what you have during this time already on hand.

Take a look here to see our Fridge Feast video series, recipe ideas videos and join our What’s Stirring community is to help you cook health with no waste in your kitchen.

Tip #1. Take stock of what you have in your fridge and pantry.

Looking in the back of those cabinets and see what you have to work with. Download our Meal & Grocery Planner to help you get an idea of what meals you can create. This will help you think of what you have to complement what you have that is perishable to create a meal. So if you have vegetables or fruits that are starting to turn then what can you use as a staple to make a meal. Rice and apple? Chicken & Pasta and broccoli? Come ups with some ideas that your family would like. Understand flavour combinations that work and that you like. Understand your health and food groups to a health life. For us we juice every day and much of what we have for fruits and vegetable we can make a delicious health juice. Here are some Juice Recipe ideas.

Tip #2. Make extra.

Make double or triple batches to help use the items you have on hand that are going bad and also helps save time for you for other things you want do during this time at home. Create batches and freeze for later with a date so that you don’t get bored with food while still organizing healthy delicious meals. Think outside the box.

Tip #3. Experiment. Looks for substitutes.

Did you know that:

If you don’t have cheese for a pasta you can use sour cream or cottage cheese.

If you don’t have oil to marinate and tenderize you can use lemon juice or yogurt. Maybe you have something that is acid like pineapple to use. See what you have some fun with it. We have our Fridge Feast video Series and other videos and recipe ideas for you to get ideas.

Tip #4. Utilize all of your food. No Waste.

Use all the products you have and use the items that are perishable first.

Example to use all the broccoli. Florets for cooking and stem for dipping with delicious hummus.

Example to use all of a lemon and then the skin you boil to refresh the air in your home.

Example use the left over vegetable cuttings to make a soup stock.

We have various videos and tips to help in our everyday cooking at O’Live Your Life Lifestyle TV.

Tip #5. Stay focused and stress free.

We truly believe in meditation and goal setting in our life. Here are a few tools we have created complimentary to help.


Goalsetting Template

Passion Is Cooking Meal & Grocery Planner

We wish you all the best, be well, be safe and keep cooking.


Chef Dario Tomaselli and Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate Anita Heidema share a common goal.

To live passionately in all ways important.

Food is a conduit to your relationships, health and so delicious.

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by Anita Heidema & Chef Dario Tomaselli

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