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4 Ways to Re-Discover Your Passion for Cooking (and Each Other)

4 Ways to Re-Discover Your Passion for Cooking (and Each Other)

How Joining the International Dinner Club Can Help

If you could find a way to travel around the world, eat delicious food, learn to improve your cooking, spend time fostering relationships, and improve your mindset all without leaving your home, would you take the opportunity?

The International Dinner Club is an interactive, at-home cooking and dining experience that will allow you to discover the joys of cooking international foods, while investing in your relationships, as well as your health and lifestyle habits. Here are four ways you’ll benefit from the International Dinner Club experience:

1) Re-Connect in Your Relationships

Time goes by so quickly and sometimes we forget to stop and look around. Connections and relationships we’ve had for a long time can sometimes be put on the back burner, not from un-interest but from busy schedules and life getting in the way. You can find the time to reconnect when you make the time by trying new things and engaging your senses together. We are passionate about our relationship and the time we spend together. This is why we make it a priority to find new ways to rediscover each other.

Along with relationships with partners, the same goes for friendships. By reconnecting with relationships we’ve cultivated previously, we are tapping into an abundant space to flourish with loved ones. The Dinner Club provides an opportunity to reunite with friends that are interested in cooking, travel, and new experiences. Here’s your chance to get out with friends again in a different way.

Dario & Anita

2) Re-Ignite Your Passion for Travel

For our fellow travel bugs, you can stay connected to your passion for wanderlust. If you’ve been reminiscing about a place you’ve visited in the world and wish you could return, exciting your senses through food, cooking and learning can bring you right back to where you made those memories. By diving into the recipes and eating the food, you can take it a step further and share that experience with others. We’ve curated dinners and recipes from around the world for you to enjoy with your guests while telling travel stories from the region the meal originates in.

Choose somewhere in the world that sparks your interest, and receive a 5-course custom menu prepared by Chef Dario Tomaselli & Anita Heidema, inspired by a fascinating country or region complete with wine pairings, travel tips and facts about your selected region. If you’ve always wanted to try French or Italian food recipes, now is your chance. You have choices in how you want to celebrate and gather while sharing in the passion of travel. Check out some of the many places we’ve adventured to here!

3) Re-Discover Your Passion for Cooking

When we’re preparing dinner parties, sometimes it’s difficult to plan a menu that is balanced, healthy, nutritious and above all, easy. Preparing to entertain can seem daunting and time consuming, especially when you’re feeling uninspired in the kitchen. We love that there is a way for you and your guests to participate in an international cooking class right in your home – planned ahead, easy to follow and ready when you are. It’s exciting to see global culinary techniques being used in home kitchens! This online club and community is full of people just like you: those who love to cook recipes and are looking for a gourmet culinary experience.

The joy of gourmet cooking and gathering is uniting us as a community, a community that is growing across the globe as we speak. When you select your international menu and invite your friends, kick it up a notch by assigning certain parts of the 5-course custom menu recipe to individuals or couples in the group. This is a way for you all to share in the cooking, and have your own Eat Pray Love experience with your friends at home.

4) Re-Develop a Passionate Lifestyle

As we age and our responsibilities grow, prioritizing cooking can seem like a chore. We raise our families, watch them grow, and send them on their way when it’s their turn to do the same. So what happens when you find yourself with an empty nest and you still see meal planning as a chore? This is a chance to get creative in the kitchen and find ways to fall in love with cooking all over again. This is the time to re-develop your passions and design the lifestyle you want. The intention behind your mindset can create a ripple effect. When you adjust your mindset to foster a healthy lifestyle and eating habits, you can also cultivate stronger relationships and more positive lifestyle choices.

Take away the stress and worry of planning your dinner with access to your personal meal planner. Every meal is also intentionally prepared with a juice-pairing recipe, to bring forward the healthy mind and healthy body mindset, with a non-alcoholic options as well.

Whether you are looking for an individual experience or joining us monthly, you will be able to learn something each time. Through cooking lessons, entertaining tips, and the chance to explore international cuisine while fostering relationships, The International Dinner Club is an experience like no other. The culinary recipes crafted from world-renown Chef Dario Tomaselli will delight you and the relationship, healthy juice and lifestyle shifts from Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate Anita Heidema will engage you. Get started today.


Chef Dario Tomaselli and Rich Life Strategist Anita Heidema share a common goal.

To live the rest of their days passionately in all ways important to them and you.

Follow their journey and learn more…..

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Re-Discover Your Passion for Cooking

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1) Re-Connect in Your Relationships

2) Re-Ignite Your Passion for Travel

3) Re-Discover Your Passion for Cooking

4) Re-Develop a Passionate Lifestyle

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