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3 Tips to Cook Together & Eat Together for a Healthy Connected Lifestyle

3 Tips to Cook Together & Eat Together for a Healthy Connected Lifestyle

Chef couple have been given a second chance to rediscover & improve their life and relationships.

by Anita Heidema & Chef Dario Tomaselli
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The average person eats 84,000 meals in their lifetime.

What can you do with that time?

Well cook and eat together of course is what we say and do.

There has been so much technology has brought to society but improving your true connections with your relationships isn’t one of them.

We, Chef Dario Tomaselli & Anita Heidema, brought our lives back by cooking, eating and travelling together. Quality time spent together and not taking each other for granted.

It took us almost 50 years to find each other and want to do it right this time. With a mindset shift and focus on what is important we enjoy every day we have left on this earth connecting with those we love.

Cooking & eating together is a big part of it.

So for those average 84,000 meals you will be eating over your lifetime spend it wisely with healthy food to fuel your body, relationships and soul.

Tips to cooking and eating together for improved relationship and health.

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1. Change of mindset.

The change is huge. Yes it sounds easier then done sometimes when you are strapped for time. ? Think of the benefits to eating healthier and improving your relationships when you do. More energy. Feel better. Longevity. Happier. Just think of it more of fun then a chore. Smile and laugh when you are cooking. If something screws up laugh at yourself. There isn’t a need for perfection.

2. Plan your meals or at least 90% of them.

If you have food and meals planned in advance you can be more organized and prep for 2 or 3 meals at once. Making pasta then make extra for another day. Making a salad then cut up all the veggies at once and have ready for lunches and dinners. Little planning goes a long way. Below we have our free meal and grocery planner to help you if you wish.  https://oliveyourlife.org/weekly-meal-planner/

3.  Get the family or friends involved.

It is so much fun to cook together. Of course more hands lessen the work-load as well. Instead of everyone in the family going off to their section of the house all meet in the kitchen.

Put some music on and DANCE and DIVIDE.

So much more fun doing it together.

“Cook & Eat Together To Stay Together” is what we say and what we do.

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Anita & Dario


Chef Dario Tomaselli and Rich Life Strategist Anita Heidema share a common goal.

To live the rest of their days passionately in all ways important to them and you.

Follow their journey and learn more…..

Passion Is Cooking Lifestyle TV

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by Anita Heidema & Dario Tomaselli
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