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Benefits to Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming – the Key to Flavour and Nutrition

We’re excited to introduce our guest, Farmer Lee Jones, of The Chef’s Garden. Ever since the creation of The Chef’s Garden over 30 years ago, Farmer Lee Jones has tirelessly committed himself to innovating and pioneering regenerative farming, a sustainable process that focuses on fostering natural agriculture to enrich soils, produce, and the flavours they deliver based on a hypothesis that vegetable nutrients would increase with better soils.

As we all know, fruits and vegetables are vital components of any healthy regime. But, did you know that from 1930 to 2020 the nutritional levels in vegetables have actually gone DOWN by over 50%? Not only this, but vegetables can also lose their nutrients as we cook them!

In this interview, Farmer Lee Jones discusses the philosophy behind regenerative (sustainable) farming, and how healthy soil creates healthy vegetables, healthy people and ultimately a healthy environment. We’ll discuss the benefits (and some pro tips) for cooking, juicing, and how to create the least waste, plus how you can get the highest nutritional and flavour content from the garden to your plate.

Sustainable, Restorative Farming

“Healthy soil. Healthy vegetables. Healthy people. Healthy environment.”
– Farmer Lee Jones

Is regenerative farming the same as organic farming?

No. Regenerative farming is focused on sustainability, not the elimination of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. The sustainable farming methods used by The Chef’s Garden are based on the hypothesis that nutrition in vegetables would increase with better soils. The Chef’s Garden negates the need for chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, eliminating the need for harmful additives.


So, What IS “Regenerative Farming”?

The term “Regenerative Farming” could be used interchangeably with sustainable farming, but it focuses on so much more than that. Regenerative farming focuses on rebuilding, regrowing and improving the land for future generations. It promotes healthy soil and healthy vegetables to ultimately lead to healthier people and a healthy environment. They emphasize “growing vegetables slowly and gently in full accord with nature.” This is the guiding principle of the commitment to regenerative farming at The Chef’s Garden. The result is healthy soils, and farm-fresh vegetables that are as pleasing on the palate as they are healthy.

How do I keep the most nutrients in my fruits and vegetables?

When we cook, we lose approximately 50% of the nutritional value in our foods. The best way you can maintain your nutrients is to consume fresh, unprocessed produce, aka. raw. But when you do choose to cook or juice with fruits and vegetables, keep it short and keep it a little crunchy and avoid over-processing.

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