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Tips for the Blue Zone of Costa rica Nicoya Peninsula

Explore the adventures of Costa Rica

Tips for exploring and adventures in Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula for this midlife couple has come so naturally.

After three weeks of living the Mediterranean lifestyle in Costa Rica, the adventures for Anita and Dario were piling up! They went on a Tortuga Island tour and saw a shipwreck, dolphins swimming majestically, did some snorkeling to view the enchanting ocean, and the trip included lunch, drinks, and snacks. The couple found the Nicoya Peninsula a surprising, magical place of adventure, allurement, and excitement.

The Bioluminescence Boat Tour

They scrapped their original plans for the day and decided to do a spur-of-the-moment Bioluminescence tour instead.  They witnessed an enchanting sunset the same evening, traveled through the mangrove, and took another boat ride near midnight. There was just a happy moon out…not a full moon, making the surroundings relatively dark. Then the ocean was filled with stars! It was magical. As the boat traveled through the luminous water, there were lights everywhere, and Dario felt like he was in space. Moreover, the plant life below began to glow and sparkle like thousands of celestial stars! It was incredible!

This phenomenon is typical of the Nicoya Gulf where light is produced due to a chemical reaction in the living organisms in the ocean and is found near many warm lagoons that lead water to the sea.

Touring Nicoya

Anita and Dario did not rent a vehicle as they ventured around the island. They travel by bus or with friendly folks willing to transport them to their destinations. Also, the best way to meet new people and live like a local in this blue zone. And as their adventurous activities intensified, they couldn’t escape the warmth and friendliness of the Costa Rican people. They were accommodating, helpful, easygoing, and seemed to be just stress-free; the perfect Mediterranean lifestyle experience.

The Pura Vida

The Pura Vida essence— a simple, pure, relaxing way of life for Costa Ricans. In addition, the couple interacted lovingly with the people in all aspects of their island travel, exchanging experiences and cultural norms through food and lifestyle. And every day was changing. The experiences were heartwarmingly surprising and totally entertaining! Nothing was ever the same wherever they went. 

They continued to be awed by the lush plains, majestic mountains, sculptured terrain and landscapes, great ocean life, great people, fabulous food, and the awesome Mediterranean lifestyle.

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