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Mediterranean Lifestyle: 4 Tips to Start Living It

The Mediterranean lifestyle is definitely the best way to guarantee a better and happier life. Especially, considering the current situation we find ourselves in, economically and psychologically as well as health-wise. COVID-19 has completely changed our lives and all we had to go through in 2020 is proof of that.

We’ve been forced to isolate in our houses for a big part of the year, making us feel disconnected and alone. And now, even though we’re not in full quarantine, we haven’t quite come back to our “normal” lives.

That is why we think a great way to get through these hard times is adopting a Mediterranean lifestyle and changing our mindset. So, here we give 4 tips to start living the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Mediterranean lifestyle diet

We are used to all these crazy diets with all those limitations and zero fat. The Mediterranean diet is nothing like that. It consists of eating a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, fish and a lot of olive oil.


When it comes to eating, the Mediterranean style food doesn’t just leave it there. It’s also about connection, being with your loved ones, cooking and sharing meals as a family.

It’s really important to eat together and socialize. Not only because it will make you process your meal better, but because it’ll make you feel fulfilled and happier. In fact, a well-known tradition in Spain, Italy and Greece is giving 2 hours of lunch time so that people can eat together as a group.

Staying active

Besides, much of the Mediterranean lifestyle consists of being very active. But not in the way of getting a gym membership. Because that for most people means only going two times before they quit.

It’s about being more active in your everyday routine instead, like walking to the store or maybe to your work. That way will be way more effective than going to the gym only for a few times and then quit.

Live simple

Finally, the last but not least important aspect of this lifestyle is to live simpler, in terms of your food and life. Not making complicated dishes but working with what you have in your local area in many cases or your fridge and pantry. That might be enough if sourced properly.

Also, it’s really important to be planet friendly and sustainable, buy locally, plus take maximum advantage of the ingredients you get.

Mediterranean lifestyle guides you to a better life

We know that this quarantined isolation has affected us mentally and health-wise. However, by living a Mediterranean lifestyle you will at take a step towards a healthier and happier life.

The foundation of this lifestyle is sharing and being connected with your close ones. So, that will definitely help to get through isolation and the social limitations we have right now.

You could organize Zoom calls with your friends to cook together, maybe hang out with them and organize meals with your family, of course taking necessary sanitary measures. The possibilities are endless!

We want to support you to use the Mediterranean lifestyle. That is why, we invite you to join us for one of our cooking classes events and International Dinner Club that connects people globally.

On the other hand, when it comes to health, the Mediterranean diet and the habit of being physically active will definitely help you build your immune system and help your body stay strong.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to take the Mediterranean lifestyle to the next level, you definitely can’t miss our monthly International Dinner Club or join our cooking classes scheduled or private. Two excellent ways to bond with your family, friends and coworkers through cooking.

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