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The Italian Traveller

Travelling experiences with Anita and Dario  Adventures– 3 tips when flying to Italy.

Beautiful, historical, romantic Italy, here we come! We are excited world travellers on our next mission to search out and live the Mediterranean Lifestyle. Ready to explore all the incredible destinations around the world over the next year? This is an O’LIVE Your Life adventure trip to Italy!

Travelling these days you need a little patience, but so worth it to travel the world! Here are some valuable tips if you are travelling.

Give Yourself Lots of Time

Since we are people who live and support the Mediterranean way of living, travel can be a breeze. Moreover, it can be stress-free when we plan with enough time in the schedule to even dawdle a bit. We don’t need to wait till we get to our vacation destination to relax. Travelling can be relaxing and stress-free when we plan to be leisurely. So many different eventualities can pop up to make us anxious on the way to the airport or at the airport itself. But when there is more than enough time to spare, we smile all the way with our 14 facial muscles instead of the 72 that are required for frowning. One of the principles of the Mediterranean Lifestyle is living stress-free.

Spend the Time to Pack Properly

Have your essentials in your carry-on luggage, in case you lose your luggage for two weeks like Dario did! It’s also a good idea to divide your check luggage, especially those things like liquids that cannot be in your carry-on. If a bag goes missing, you will avoid the frustration of shopping for what you already packed and shouldn’t be running around for. Be sure to bring N95 masks, as different countries, airlines, and destinations have different rules to keep people safe in the ongoing world crises. On one leg of our journey, N95 masks were required, and travellers were scampering to quickly find an N95 mask, or they couldn’t board the flight!


Spark the Sense of Adventure!

We like to travel with 40% of our time planned out, and the other 60% is just spur-of-the-moment adventurous activities. Of course, you create those must-do moments and be open to whatever else comes along. “Try to learn new things” is one of the Mediterranean Lifestyle principles, so leave room for spontaneity. Wherever you travel, living well encompasses exploring, and getting to know the people of the land and their culture.

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