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Tabacon Spa, Best in La Fortuna Costa Rica

Couple spa day in Costa Rica

Our food and lifestyle adventure couple was sharing their downtime with us in an award winning spa! They were celebrating their anniversary Mediterranean style! Located at the luxurious Thermal Resort and Spa, with a spectacular view of the Arenal Volcano National Park in Costa Rica.

Spa Day

Part of the resort’s charm is the natural- outdoor hot springs from the volcano that complement indoor and outdoor spa activities. Besides, the spa is the best in the country, says Anita and Dario, our iconic couple.  And they had been touring the beautiful Central American country for over 2 months! The Spa is located in La Fortuna. And boasts natural hot springs, with several small pools. This means there is no overcrowding on weekdays. As well as visitors can have a warm thermal bath to optimize body functions and perfect blood flow.

The magical and peaceful environment brings you divine elevation. You will enjoy the skillful hands of a trained masseuse in the outdoor baths was magical surrounded by pure nature. Importantly, it’s not really hard to live the Mediterranean lifestyle wherever you are in the world. Enjoy a life of well-being, stress free time and mindfulness.

World-Class Food

What’s an anniversary with a fabulous spa and natural hot springs without excellent food? And our couple knows excellent food. Moreover, they gave the Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa an A+ for excellence in food preparation, presentation, serving, and taste.

Cozy Areas

You are in a resort with other tourists, but you are never out of private. Moreover, cozy areas to be alone, to dream, to rest and recuperate. Just to enjoy the bliss of your enchanting surroundings.

Stunning Grounds

Living the Mediterranean lifestyle pulls you to enjoy all the wonderful things life offers from anywhere around the globe. The Tabacon Spa and Resort get another A+ for the spectacular surrounding grounds. The tailored, luxurious plant life manages to appear as one with the lush wildness of shrubs. Additionally, you will face ornamental trees along the brilliant and uplifting waterways all over the property. And it’s a romantic get-away! A mind and body retuning adventure. In other words, get away any day, anywhere, and live joyfully with a relaxing, fulfilling Mediterranean lifestyle.

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