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Global Cuisine Themed Dinner Parties

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Are you finding you are needing a change of pace? Are you missing travelling, delicious new foods from around the world and being with friends?

Until we can travel again why not spice up your life with the International Dinner Club community from around the world with Passion Is Cooking chef Dario Tomaselli & Anita Heidema and create your custom experience.

It is a global program because the travelling foodie group is from around the world globally, but the themed dinner party is actually created with your friend and family. This gives you a reason to organizing with those you wish for an exciting evening you create.

You receive from the membership monthly a country of the month package that includes:

  • 5 course meal recipes that are chef created by Chef Dario Tomaselli. Recipes shared by you and created by members in your group to share the cooking.
  • 5 course wine or beer pairing
  • 5 course juice recipes & pairing by Anita Heidema
  • Tips on the country with trivia to share
  • Video of inspiration and mood
  • Include is a travelling foodie community globally to share food and travel tips with.
  • Special offers on food and dinner party item
  • Exclusive offers and discounts on our next culinary retreats.
  • Food life training for cooking, food products, wine products, and travel tips.

Spice up your life with a global themed dinner party with friends.  When we “cook, eat and travel together we stay together”.we like to say. What other reason do you need to organize with your friends or create a new group to share the experience of breaking bread together.

Dario being an Italian born chef, raised and trained in Italy always love using this Italian expression….

“A tavola non si invecchia.”

Roughly translated it means, “At the table one does not age.”

It goes right to the heart of the notion that food is meant to be an experience of pleasure and relaxation shared with family and friends.

We have one common interest and that is travel and food but each group has their own special way. We have people that have created as a board game dinner night. Others have started since COVID to enjoy with only those in their household or via zoom. We even have one group book their common room once a month and expand the dinner club to many which is easily done with our recipe (serving size) adjustments upgrade.

However, you decide to create or experience it is a fun adventure you can do to bring back memories of past travel or bring excitement for future travel easily with pre made recipes you share for you all to make and bring to the party.

For September 2021 we are planning to organize our culinary trips again that are first open to the people in our International Dinner Club. Tuscany for Sept 20 is on the list to start and for only a small exclusive group of 20 people.

Experience travel, good food and friends with a monthly membership so that you will be consistent once a month to connect. Maybe times we plan, and time gets the best of us. With a small month membership, you receive so much that makes it easy to create a party and connect with those in your circle and globally. With your membership time will not escape you and you will keep consistent with your dinner night as the third Saturday every month to look forward too.

Learn more and come stir into our journey. International Dinner Club #picdin

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We’ve integrated our skills with global culinary techniques, recipes, nutrition, and mindset adjustments to show you exactly how to do this. It’s time to feel more confident and have more fun in the kitchen again, while re-discovering the world and re-connecting with the ones you love. Best of all, this creates a ripple effect and re-ignites other facets in your life.

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