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Prince Edward Country, Ontario – Food & Travel Weekend – Couples Getaway

The iconic travel and food adventurers and owners of O’Live Your Life, Anita and Dario, continue to bring friends together and the world to your plate!

The Prince Edward County in Canada is no doubt also a beautiful countryside that gives that vacation destination flavour. It juts into Lake Ontario with miles of coastline and unspoiled bushland, attracting nature walkers and also bicycle tours. Accordingly, tourism does well with resorts and inns, and farming is huge in the county. Look out for that local fresh-grown produce—and the growing culinary wine industry!

The Royal Restaurant

Our wonderful couple went on a couple’s getaway to visit also good friends in the area of Prince Edward County to enjoy the countryside and indulge in the Mediterranean lifestyle! We are well aware that food is an integral part of their travels—the main ingredient. Moreover, let’s check out as well the Royal Restaurant to see what the delicious offerings are!

Doesn’t the appearance and presentations of the different dishes just whet your appetite? Certainly, our couple had their own picks from the menu, though, which are the following:

Polpette—meatballs in a tasty tomato sauce

Smoked Whitefish Mousse that was soft and silky

Nduja Pizza, with a delicious hint of spice

Lamb Pappardelle with Nettles, that the couple always enjoy

Seadas, a delicious Sardinian typical dessert

Ponzo Pure Honey and Eggs from the Ponzo Family Farms, and it was Bon Appetite! Have fun also with expert mixologist bartenders and their method of mixing those lovely cocktails and beverages.

pizza in prince edward county

Celebrating Life with Friends is what the Mediterranean Lifestyle is all about!!

Ponzo Family Farm

The executive chef of the Royal has his own small farm. Chickens, fresh eggs, and cultivating bees for 100% pure honey is also a big part of the Ponzo family business. Growing foods organically on this vast stretch of farmland is a big draw for our getaway couple, who were really in their element.

The Miller House—Lake on the Mountain

Dario and Anita could not miss Lake on the Mountain! What a breathtaking landscape and waterscape to share and experience with friends!

Piccolino and Flossie’s

The Piccolino Mercato & Bar provided tasty morning cappuccino for our weekend getaway couple, and Flossie’s Sandwich creates a delicious sandwich for an afternoon delight.

Delicious Wine Tasting at Morandin

And what is a weekend getaway trip without chilling with good wine? With great farmlands, producing wine has become a big business in the county and growing all the time.

Morandin Wines did not disappoint our couple. As also a small family-run business, the host was gracious, and the atmosphere was relaxing and welcoming. The brewery produces a unique- -variety of flavours to mellow down the weekend getaway adventure for Anita and Dario.

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