3 Secrets to the Mediterranean lifestyle - health, happiness and simplified living!

Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle

Living a Mediterranean Lifestyle
Wisdom To My Younger Self: 3 Tips About Living a Healthier, Happier Life

Living a mediterranean lifestyle

Wisdom To My Younger Self: 

I’ve been on the planet for 55 years, and I’ve learned a lot in that time.

I definitely wish I’d known when I was younger what I know now.

Especially when it comes to incorporating the Mediterranean lifestyle into my everyday life.

To create an inspired, stress-free way of living.

I am living a Mediterranean lifestyle. To that end, I thought I’d share, from my “wise” perspective, what I’d tell my younger self if we could sit down and have a conversation.

Here are the top 3 things I’d want him to know:

Living a mediterranean lifestyle

Tip 1 – Never Settle for Anything Less than Your Ultimate Dreams

My youth was a series of “have to’s” and “must do’s”.

I allowed my choices to be guided by others who told me what to do, what to aspire to, and honestly, who to be.

Then I realized that my life had more meaning and I was the one responsible for giving it value.

A purposeful life, one that’s infused with dreams, goals, and achievements that are driven by your own dreams, is a much more meaningful life.

For me, living the Mediterranean lifestyle is the most important principle by which I live.

At its heart, this principle is about committing your whole heart and soul to your dreams.

Achieving your goals on your own terms, trusting yourself, and surrounding yourself with like-minded people who will support you along the way.  

As a young cook born and raised in Italy, I always dreamed of becoming the best, and at the time I felt that all it took was hard work to fulfill my dreams.

What I realize now, at 55 years old, is that the most important thing in life is to never settle and to believe in yourself and your dreams, no matter how big or small they might be.

At a certain point in my career, just like everyone, I found myself settling and I knew that wasn’t what I wanted for my life.

I consciously chose to make some changes.

One of the biggest changes that I implemented was to focus on my mindset.

I learned how to meditate, how to use affirmation, and how to continue to challenge myself by setting new goals throughout my life.

Living a mediterranean lifestyle

Tip 2- The Key to A Stress-Free Life is Simplicity

The second important thing I would tell my younger self is to keep it simple.

When I was younger, I was constantly striving for the next thing and looking to innovate at every turn.

That’s not a bad thing.

Unless you do it to the exclusion of actually taking the time to enjoy your current accomplishments and what’s right in front of you.

In western civilization, most of us find ourselves, at one time or another, running through life, chasing something elusive that we think will make our lives better.

From that frenetic-paced life, we fail to just stop and enjoy the simple things, the perfect moments that are happening right now.

What’s most important for me is to focus on the simplicity of the ingredients when I cook.

As a chef, I love to innovate and use intricate techniques and complicated ingredients, but there’s a time and place for that.

There’s also a time and place for simple, healthy, nutritious, 3-ingredient recipes.

I love using what’s in season and enjoying the simplicity of the flavors inherent in just a few ingredients.

A simple Tuscan salad called Panzanella, for example, based on the basic elements of Tuscan cuisine, which uses simply tomatoes, bread, and basil.

It’s fulfilling and delicious.

Simplicity in life does not mean boring or less impactful. It means you take the time to truly enjoy where you are and what you’re experiencing. 

Living a mediterranean lifestyle
Tip 3 – Infuse Every Day With Passion   

The last tip I’d give my younger self (and this is the most important) is to be passionate.

Being born in Italy, passion is something that has always been a part of my DNA, but I never realized the importance of sharing it with others until now.

Let passion infuse your day, from the time your day wakes up until you go to bed.

Get excited about everything and allow that to become a part of you and a part of the way you go through your day.

When you are very young, everything is new and exciting.

You’re discovering new things every day and it’s easy to do everything with passion.

As you grow older, it’s too easy to let the things you do on a daily basis become boring and routine.

When you look for the passion in everything you do, you start to experience life differently.

You appreciate the people in your life and the opportunities you have, and your life becomes about learning and growing into someone better.

Anita and I are choosing to live our lives with passion every day.

    Not taking anything for granted allows us to truly experience the things that bring us joy, adventure, and motivation.

    It’s a choice, and we’re passionate about sharing the elements of how we’ve achieved it with you.

    It’s why we started O’Live Your Life…we want to help you understand how living a stress-free, healthy life, cooking and eating great food with people you love, connecting with and cultivating relationships with people, traveling and experiencing new cultures and new adventures, and focusing on simple pleasures can completely change your life.

    There you have it. My top 3 tips for living a more inspired, healthy, happy life…

    1. Never settle for anything less than your ultimate dreams
    2. The key to a stress-free life is simplicity
    3. Infuse every day with passion

    So what are you waiting for? Each of these three tips is easy to begin. So begin today!

    Thanks for reading & watching!
    We’d love if you share this with someone inspire them!

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