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Years of living what some might consider a successful life does not guarantee a consistent sense of fulfillment. A lot of couples find themselves consumed by busy careers and disconnected from friends, family, and worse, from each other. The joy they expected life was supposed to bring them has gotten lost on the way to that “successful life.”

Experiencing this for themselves inspired our lovely couple, Dario and Anita, to make a decision to seize control of their lives and consciously turn toward a healthier way of being. They’ve done that by embracing the Mediterranean way of life.

Dario is an Italian chef who grew up in Italy and Anita is a rich life strategist who has visited Italy for long periods of time. Together, they’ve seen and experienced the mindset and lifestyle shifts that living a Mediterranean lifestyle creates. Their experiences, coupled with extensive research, inspired their principles of living the Mediterranean life from anywhere for a happier, healthier and longer life.

Let’s get to know more about them, shall we?

Internationally renowned, multi-lingual, Italian-born and raised Chef Dario Tomaselli is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, professor for the Chef Post Diploma International Program Italian Cuisine, and TV personality. North American born and raised Rich Life Strategy Guru Anita Heidema is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, health advocate, podcast host, and TV personality. Together, they will guide you toward a simple, deeply meaningful way of living with the Mediterranean lifestyle you can do anywhere in the world for health, happiness and longevity.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle You Can Live Wherever You Are

You’ve heard about the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean way of living is not a diet, but simple modifications you can make in your lifestyle. What does it mean to live the Mediterranean lifestyle

Here are some ideas based on one of the principles Anita and Dario developed.


The Mediterranean Lifestyle will teach you how to have a balanced approach to eating.

You don’t have to live in Italy or Greece in order to practice living the Mediterranean way. You can do it anywhere! All it takes is a shift in mindset followed by your way of living. Here’s how:

✔️ Start Choosing the Right Food

The Mediterranean Lifestyle isn’t complete without a Mediterranean food. Luckily, that’s a delicious way to live. Back in 1960, people from Italy and Greece ate certain traditional foods that helped them get (and stay) exceptionally healthy compared to Americans. Researchers who conducted studies about this way of eating also noted that those who follow it are less likely to develop lifestyle diseases.

You don’t have to strictly follow ANY strict diet to follow this eating plan. You simply need to focus on healthy fresh food, which can be grown in your backyard or sourced in your local grocery store or farmer’s market. You’ll also want to learn to make good use of herbs and seasonings and avoid relying on store-bought ingredients with unhealthy preservatives. It truly is a lifestyle driven way of eating.

Dario and Anita enjoying a meal with friends

Cook Together

✔️ A Potluck Moai (pronounced as “mo-eye”) is simply a regular, small gathering of people enjoying each other’s company over food and swapping healthy recipes. It’s the best way to connect with new people and reconnect with old friends, family members, and neighbors.

✔️ Expand Your Recipe Repertoire

Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit in your routine. Go out and try a local restaurant you haven’t been to before with friends. Or perhaps be adventurous and creative in recreating a recipe you’ve been wanting to try. You never know… you might be cooking up something worth sharing with your circle if you give that new recipe a try.

✔️ Eat Until You’re 80% Full (Hara Hachi Bu)

This way of eating originated in the city of Okinawa where people use this phrase as a way to control their eating habits. Following this simple rule will allow you to not overeat or depriving yourself of the foods you love. The smaller portion sizes will help you to be mindful when eating so that your body doesn’t reap the consequences of overeating.

✔️ Eat Homemade Food More Often

Consume food made in your own kitchen more often. Constantly ordering in definitely does not have a healthy impact on your body in the long run. Try making your own bread, pasta, and sauce instead of buying those items from the store. Replace processed sweets with fruits and canned goods with raw ones, even freezing them when possible. Your future self will thank you!

Anita and Dario cooking together

Eat Together

Enjoy spending time together with those you care about and cook together. You can make it enjoyable by playing some music and taking some fun into the equation. Gives you a chance to enjoy some laughs and conversation while focusing on the simple things in life and each other.

Anita and Dario eating on the floor

Anita and Dario are passionate about helping you benefit from their wisdom and create meaningful purpose in your own life. They will be your guides as you learn to look for deeper meaning and rekindle the passion in your life through everyday activities.

You’ve spent most of your life building your career and family and living every day at a hectic pace. Now it’s time to take a step back, admire the life you’ve built, and make a decision to move toward the inspired life you crave.

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Meet Anita & Dario

As a a Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate (Anita) and World-Renowned, Multilingual Italian Chef (Dario), we have so much to share with you! Our healthy and passionate Mediterranean lifestyle and mindset initiatives will inspire you to create a lifestyle focused on simple changes that brings you joy and lead to health, happiness, and longevity.

We’ve integrated our skills with global culinary techniques, recipes, nutrition, and mindset adjustments to show you exactly how to do this. It’s time to feel more confident and have more fun in the kitchen again, while re-discovering the world and re-connecting with the ones you love. Best of all, this creates a ripple effect and re-ignites other facets in your life.

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