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Italian Food & Wine Costa Rica

Chef Tasting Event with Italian Cuisine and local food

The O’LIVE Your Life TV personalities Anita and Dario were amplifying their food and travel Adventure tour of Costa Rica. They are still bringing friends together via food and travel to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle. This means health, conviviality and wellbeing anywhere in the world. With their 1.5 years of travel around the globe they share how to live an inspired life around the world.

The Villa Bali

The stage was set. Anita and Dario gave us the happy faces of love and pleasure. All this accompanying the process of preparing a fine meal from start to finish and then fine dining.

Seafood and poultry getting ready to finally arrive on the dining table with great anticipation to awake the taste buds and slide down the palate.

The fresh ingredients were ready! Natural herbs and spices seasoned the Tea Smoked Mahi-mahi for succulence and delectable flavor.

The Chef Event

The Vanilla Lime Poached Passion Lobster was well seasoned. Moreover, it would be broken out of that shell with gusto. As a result, chef Dario’s spontaneous, joyful flavor will be on your every plate!

The delectable Pineapple and Coconut Pulled Pork was next on the menu. For all the lovers of pork will give the needful portion of red meat.

A healthy Kamote and Lime Gnocchi, Banana flambé, Caprese—local cheese, and refreshing passion fruit beverage topped off the Chef Tasting Event dishes.

Anita and Dario received a well-appreciated and satisfying thumbs-up from patrons who enjoyed their meal in a serene and friendly atmosphere. Additionally, the Latin music of the region mellowed the ambiance and relaxed everyone as they live the novelty of a food adventure. All thanks to the food and travel adventure couple Anita and Dario.

In conclusion, as the adventurous couple left their mark on the blue zone of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica has left its mark on them too. Marks memories that will keep in the heart. Are you ready ready to step courageously and live the Mediterranean Lifestyle? A lifestyle of the richness of mind, body, and spirit for longevity and well-being? Anita and Dario, our travelling foodie couple will continue their adventures!

Follow Anita & Dario’s Adventures as they travel the globe for the next 1.5 years sharing how you can live the Mediterranean Lifestyle from anywhere for health and happiness.

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