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How to Reignite Your Forgotten Dreams and Passions as a Food and Travel-Loving Couple

Anita and Dario having a picnic by the river

The pandemic has taken its toll on all food and travel-lovers. It did not only rob us of our freedom to travel, discover new cross-cultural recipes, or even dine in our bucket list restaurants; it has also amplified our yearning to taste and see the many parts of the world which we are yet to behold. 

What if we told you there’s a way to reignite your dreams and passions as a food and travel-loving couple from the comfort of your home? We’re not kidding.

Our 5 day Mediterranean Summit is a start and you can get it for $97 today. All you need is the internet and your handy dandy smartphone or computer for our inspirational summit. Are you ready to join as it is easy to do and will change your life? 

Here are a few other tips to how you can reawaken your passion for food, travel and each-other:

✔️ Remember your dreams and passions; remember them well.

You know exactly what your dreams and passions are. You both love food and traveling, now, where did that start? Can you remember the moment this fire sparked in you? Take a walk down memory lane and get a taste of adventures passed. Think about how you felt when you first tasted that dish that changed your life forever or that scenic view that made you crave more. Reminiscing past memories paves the way to creating new ones!

✔️ Find time to do it in more ways than one.

Rather than thinking of excuses how you’re not able to dine outside and travel anymore because of COVID, think instead of how to do it in the comfort of your own home. Be intentional in reigniting your dreams and passions by committing a time to do it every week or two. That’s not only awakening your sleeping dreams and passions, but also keeping them alive. Be resourceful in doing so. The internet can surprise you! You can try our Mediterranean Connection Summit. We’re taking food and travel lover couples like you on a 5-day culinary journey! That’s one way of finding brand new exciting ways to keep your passion for food and travel charts alive.

✔️ Do it consistently with like-minded couples.

Let’s be honest, we humans are social creatures. No man is an island, as the saying goes, and no couple is an island as well. Cooking and dining just the two of you is romantic, for sure, but doing it with other couples with the same interest as you… now, that’s a ton times better! It helps you reconnect with other people and create fun memories together with your partner while you learn about food, wine, and travel. And this Mediterranean Connection Summit is a catalyst for that. Go on and get to know more about the details.

✔️ Don’t wait for it; grab it as opportunity knocks.

If you’re reading this right now, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Take the challenge and do something out of the ordinary and then watch your dreams and passions buzzing with life once again. Any invitation to socialize as a couple, especially if you’re doing what you guys love most to do: wine, dine, and travel, never pass up the opportunity.

✔️ Get out of your comfort zone.

Anita holding a delicious dish while Dario hugs her

We get it. You’re probably not used to joining Summits and Challenges online; you’re probably not on your computer or on the internet that much but you know what? You’ll always find ways to do what you love to do even if it means going out of your comfort zone. Plus, you’ll never know how awesome it is to go on a virtual 5-day inspirational journey if you don’t try.

Are you ready to reignite your passion and seize the adventures of taste and travel?

If you want to…

  • Find new common interests that are delicious and bring you and your spouse closer
  • Find new fun activities to create some momentum in your life
  • Meet new like-minded people who share your common interests
  • Be inspired to connect with each other and friends
  • Learn new top trends around food, wine, health, cooking, and travel
  • Get inspired with new recipes ideas
  • Create a new bucket list of places you want to explore


If you want to take action to an inspired life.

What are you waiting for? The adventure starts right here!

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