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How To Live a Healthy Life in 3 Steps

Anita is holding happily a bunch of vegetables to show how eating a lot of vegetables will lead you to a healthy life

How to live a healthy life for some people can seem difficult. However, this roadblock for many of us has been going on for years. Being healthy is not rocket science with the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The Mediterranean lifestyle is proven to be one of the healthiest lifestyle changes we can adopt. People who adopt this lifestyle have become healthier and more connected with their loved ones. You can read more about it in our previous posts or in this article by Mayo Clinic.

Here at Passion is Cooking, we teach globally in the corporate world and in households daily how to live a simple, balanced Mediterranean Lifestyle from anywhere. Being happy and healthy is the future of a successful team and joyful family. So, keep reading to see the 3 steps to start living healthy!

Live Healthy by Adding More Vegetables to Your Diet

Eating a lot of vegetables has uncountable health benefits to your body. It reduces the risk for heart disease, prevents obesity, and lowers blood pressure. Also, it may be a contributing factor to prevent certain types of cancer. The benefits of adding vegetables to your diet are endless. They are important factors if you want to know how to live a healthy life!

Ideally, you should have from half to three-quarters of your calories from a plant-based diet. This means half or more of your plate should be from fresh in-season (next best alternative flash frozen) vegetables.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle and the Mediterranean diet follows these principles. We offer cooking classes specifically designed to show you how to add more vegetables to your diet in a delicious way.  Come join us for one of our virtual cooking classes or buy a group of classes to know more about this!

Live Healthy By Eating More Fish and Beans

If you have unhealthy habits and don’t know how to live a healthy life, you could start slow, by adding more fish and beans to your diet as a substitution for red meat. It’s a proven fact that fish and beans are much healthier choices because of their low levels of saturated fat. That’s why consuming them will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and many more.

And guess what? The Mediterranean diet’s main proteins are fish, beans, nuts, and legumes! And they’re not only much healthier but much delicious if you know how to cook them.

In the Mediterranean lifestyle, you should eat fish 3 times a week and beans and legumes once a day. You should start looking for recipes and start adding some interesting different meals to your life with our classes that give delicious options. You can also check healthy recipes on our site here

A cooking tip for you: if you’re not a fan of fish too fishy is to soak it in milk before cooking for at least half an hour. Try it next time to see awesome results!

And if you still need a little push or you just want to have fun, we offer online cooking classes that help encourage you to add healthy ingredients. Come join us or buy a group of classes.

Mediterranean food pyramid to show how eating vegetables, fish, legumes and beans will help you to know how to live a healthy life

Start Being Social

Being social and learning new things increases your chances of living longer! That’s right! In an article written by Harvard, they said people with strong social connections may live longer and healthier lives. Plus, being isolated and not socializing has almost the same consequences as smoking!

One way to socialize with new people or your friends, family, and coworkers is by taking one of our cooking classes! Especially, right now if you’re in lockdown. Take a cooking class with us to learn something new that is healthy. And it allows you to be social with different kinds of people around the world.

As we mentioned, having a healthier and happier company or household is easier than you think. The first step is usually the most difficult one, so don’t wait any longer and start now!

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Creating healthy dishes and connecting people is what we love to encourage and share programs like our International Dinner Club and classes to help what for a happier and healthier tomorrow.

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