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Benefits of Eating Vegetables: Mediterranean Style

We are sure you’ve heard that eating vegetables has a lot of health of benefits. However, there seem to be people that still refuse to add them to their regular diet because they think vegetables are just plain boring.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The Mediterranean lifestyle diet is proof of that. Vegetables are essential to this diet and there are numerous ways to cook them to make them just as tasty (if not more) as any other meal. Vegetables add vitamins, minerals, and fiber to your diet. They are so delicious if you know the secrets to preparing and adding them to your meals. Keep reading to find out some other benefits of eating vegetables!

The benefits of eating vegetables are numerous and one of them is that they are delicious

Eating vegetables prevents diseases

Everyone says they know vegetables are healthy. But to what extent? Nutritionists always agree that vegetables improve your health and help lengthen your life. This is very important because this affection is linked to numerous diseases that you can avoid consuming vegetables!

Many specialists agree that the western diet contributes to these diseases because it is a diet high in saturated fat and sugar, and low in fiber and vegetables.

The consumption of vegetables is proven to significantly lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, high cholesterol, and many more conditions. The main reason why is because of its antioxidant effects.

On the other hand, eating vegetables will also improve your bone structure and brain health! You’ll be pleased to hear that the Mediterranean diet is the answer if you’re looking for a tasty diet rich in vegetables to help lengthen your life. Why? Because this diet consists mostly of vegetables, legumes, a lot of fibre, and fish in a balanced way.

Eating vegetables is delicious

Don’t get fooled into this belief that vegetables are not a meal you could enjoy.

We always say if you prepare and cook them properly, vegetables can be incredibly delicious! But, don’t worry, we know you might need some tips to add some flavour to your vegetables. Keep reading we’ve got some coming up ahead.

Here at Passion is Cooking Chef Dario Tomaselli & Health Advocate Anita Heidema constantly share healthy and tasty recipes that include a lot of vegetables!

One of them is the Tuscan Panzanella Salad. One of Chef Dario’s favourite dishes he remembers as a child in Italy. Dario lived in Italy until he was 23 and moved to work in the prestigious Yorkville restaurant Il Posto. He shares his recipe creations with chefs who are getting their post-diploma in Italian cuisine and also shares them with the Passion Is Cooking community. Anita, the other half of Passion Is Cooking, is always infusing her healthy ways with recipes and home-made juicing.

But not only that. We also offer virtual cooking classes called “Eat Your Momma’s Veggies”. There is a specific way to cook vegetables so they will keep their nutrients and still have a delicious flavour. That’s right! With our help, you can learn how to cook your vegetables in a healthy and tasty way! Book one of our classes now!

Proceeds for this class go to the foundation Anita created in her late mother’s name to support awareness for Lewy Body Dementia.

Anita and dario cooking vegetables to show how happy and healthy vegetables can be

Vegetables are sustainable

We are always looking to encourage you to source local products first from your region. This is what we call living the Mediterranean Lifestyle from anywhere and eating is part of the equation. All around the world you have food products local to your area or forging you can look for.

You should support local first to keep your carbon footprint down and be sustainable. Research products of your choice and quality outside your area. We share many of our products and ideas in our bi-weekly newsletter along with many tips and tricks. Join us to receive regular updates and inspiration on how.

Eating vegetables will make you happier and energetic

It’s no secret that if you’re healthy and you have a healthy diet, you’ll feel more energetic and that will contribute to your overall happiness. And that’s because vegetables are rich in vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and fiber for a healthy body and mind. This definitively plays a huge factor in your energy and mindset!

The benefits of eating vegetables are endless and the ones we listed you here are just a few. Food connects us to our health, our community, and our memories. It makes us part of a bigger story. We love to share with you more tips in our Mediterranean lifestyle blog, come join us!

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