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Who is Dario?

Italian born and raised, Chef Dario Tomaselli is passionate about food and life. He has worked in some of the best restaurants in the world, including Executive Chef and then Corporate Chef of the Grand Melia Hotel in Cancun and Executive Chef of Oro Restaurant from its inception and for 10 years after it opened. Presently, Dario is the coordinator of the Italian Cuisine Post Diploma International Program at George Brown College.

Chef Dario believes that, “Food leaves a meaningful impact on our way of life” and is passionate about inspiring others to live the Mediterranean lifestyle through O’Live Your Life’s International Dinner Club community and on their flavorful retreats and summits.

Chef Dario’s passion for cooking began in his family kitchen. Before attending the culinary school E Maggia in Stresa Italy, Chef Dario worked in his family’s restaurants, pizzeria, bakery, butcher shop and hotels. Once he completed school, Dario allowed his career to carry him across the globe, working in high end restaurants and hotels. He has created award winning menus for hotels and restaurants, including Oro, ranked one of the top 10 restaurants in Canada.

Dario was a part of the book Bread Is Gold (supporting Massimo Bottura Food For Soul in Milan Italy). He has also been awarded the Gold Medal Plate and featured in The Globe and Mail, The National Post, Sun Media, The Toronto Star, NUVO magazine, Harrowsmith magazine, Food Day Canada, and Medley Food and Drink. He’s had the pleasure of food judging and appearing on various TV shows, including BT, Vicki Gabereau, CTV, CP24, CityTV, CHCH Morning, CTV, and CHIN, and is a spokesperson for many global food brands.

He’s also a co-brand owner with his partner Rich Life Strategist Anita Heidema of O’Live Your Life. Together, they inspire with their O’Live Your Life Lifestyle TV, blogs posts about food and travel on their website, their popular International Dinner Club fun global community.

Anita also currates and shares homemade juice recipe development and mindset tools designed to inspire the foodie consumer with a passion for life.

His passionate belief that dining is an experience that brings us together and allows us to savour every moment we spend with each other is the driving force behind the International Dinner Club. As Chef Dario says, “A tavola non si invecchia…at the table, one does not age.”

Chef Dario’s award-winning menus will rekindle your “gioia nella vita – joy of life,” inspiring you to create delicious meals that feed your soul (and your friends and family) and infuse your chaotic, rushed life with a mediterranean attitude. Making dinner will no longer be a chore, but a divine pleasure, as you learn to appreciate the simplicity of cooking healthy, delicious food and taking the time to enjoy it around a table with people you love.

The Community Says…

Executive Chef Chef Dario Tomaselli passion, enthusiasm and respect for not just me but everyone in his kitchen at Oro as a whole continues to inspire me. I recall the feeling like yesterday, now that I run my own restaurant, and your encouragement and knowledge that I still take with me today. You are my mentor for life and thank you for always having faith in me to be my best and teaching me the art of cooking mastery.

Chef Matt

“We had Chef Dario Tomaselli and Anita Heidema do an employee cooking afternoon. It was great to have an online demo dinner.

Some watched and others cooked together as a company. We had shared laughs while cooking together virtually as a team with our families. The recipes were given to us beforehand and a video, so it was easy for everyone to get the ingredients to cook with and have their dinner ready. We had the wine and juice pairing as well so we could enjoy it while we cooked.”


“Thank you Dario and Anita for making it easy, entertaining, and delicious for our team to bond and spend time together. We have been mostly working from home and missing each other during these times. “

Geralyn Ochab, Imagia CEO
Ready to inspire your life and the lives of those around you

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