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3 Ways a Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle Will Ignite Your Healthiest, Happiest Life

How adopting a Mediterranean influence will kick start a healthier lifestyle in the New Year.

by Anita Heidema & Chef Dario Tomaselli  

When you think of the Mediterranean you often imagine aquamarine oceans, luxurious wines, and gourmet meals shared by couples in rustic, romantic settings. But an increasing amount of people are bringing the Mediterranean lifestyle to their own homes with the help of O’Live Your Life and the International Dinner Club.

Perhaps the world’s healthiest diet, a Mediterranean lifestyle is abundant in fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes and – most importantly – olive oil. It welcomes a more balanced lifestyle with less use of red meat and more emphasis on omega-rich fish and chicken, as well as protein from beans and lentils for boundless meal ideas. Better yet, red wine is considered a welcomed, healthy pairing (in moderate amounts).

Although a passion for food is the very heart of a Mediterranean lifestyle, there is also a big focus on connection, being physically active, and simply enjoying life – a surefire way to ignite more passion in your relationships. Here are three ways to embrace the Mediterranean way of life this year:

Meal Ideas Rich in Olive Oil, Fish, Vegetables and Whole Grains

One of our favourite parts about a Mediterranean-style diet is its simplicity. You won’t need to purge your kitchen or make massive lifestyle changes to reap the benefits – it’s about finding a better balance in the foods you eat.

This is a diet rich in olive oil, providing myriad benefits including healthy fats, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties – we even use it on our skin as a powerful moisturizer. Most of your meals should be based on vegetables and whole gains, such as brown rice, quinoa, and bulgur. Beans and legumes also play a major role in every meal, paired with flavourful herbs and spices.

We recommend eating red meat sparingly and opting instead for fish at least twice a week. Eggs, cheese, yogurt and poultry should be eaten moderately throughout the week.

If you need a little dinner recipe inspiration, try our delicious O’Live Your Life lentil dish, bathed in a rich tomato sauce. We also recommend Anita’s famous Fish in a Bag recipe for an easy-to-prepare dish wrapped in a beautiful, flavourful package and guaranteed to wow your sweetheart.

Slow Down and Live a Healthy Life that Embodies “Relationship Goals” 

Family-oriented, passionate relationships are synonymous with the European and Mediterranean way of life. Both of us come from backgrounds where family traditions don’t just revolve around food; they revolve around spending time together preparing the food. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping couples rediscover each other by spending time together in the kitchen.

If you’re ready to reinvest in your relationship and learn the ins and outs of the Mediterranean lifestyle, The International Dinner Club i an experience like no other. International culinary recipes designed by world-renowned Chef Dario Tomaselli will inspire the chef in you, and homemade juice pairings, relationship tips, and lifestyle shifts from Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate Anita Heidema will leave you feeling invigorated.

Take this shift as an opportunity to slow down and live everyday as if it were a European vacation. Have you ever noticed Europeans walk more than North Americans? Instead of driving over to the store, turn your shopping trip into a relaxing stroll. Better yet, sit and enjoy your food. Don’t rush through your meals – taste every morsel and enjoy the conversations that unfold with family and friends.

Stay Prepared Through Meal Planning

The beauty of following a simplistic lifestyle is how easy it is to prepare for your weekly meals. With our handy Passion is Cooking Mediterranean Lifestyle guide , you’ll be able to plan all of your meals in advance so that you’re not scrambling to put things together last minute.

Remember, life is all about balance. During the week, we try to eat as healthy as possible, embracing the Mediterranean diet as a way to increase our vegetable intake and load up on healthy proteins. But we aren’t afraid to indulge a bit more on the weekend.

As you make these transitions over the coming weeks and months, your new lifestyle will become a habit filled with exciting opportunity. This kind of lifestyle change will not only help you rediscover your passion for life, it may even help you uncover the kind of health longevity that so many Mediterranean people embody. We’ll be here with monthly inspiration along the way. Get started today.

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