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3 Reasons To Have An Online Corporate Cooking Class

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Cook & Eat Together To Stay Together is our motto. Cooking and breaking bread with others is a forgotten pastime.

Or is it!?

In the homes of many around the world we realize the importance of spending quality time respectfully with loved ones, as we continue to make sure we keep our health as a priority.

Now with most executives and employees working from home, this translates from personal relationships to the corporate world. Online corporate cooking classes that have become more popular virtually.

“Many are feeling disconnected with each other and with the company” – Peter

In normal times, we host classes and conferences to bring employees together. In April, we converted our classes to online, which has been a wonderful success. Now, we introduce our new online food and drink cooking experience, Cook-A-Vision. These corporate-focused experiences can be led in various ways depending on your company’s needs. Hosted by Anita Heidema, master coaching and working with team building and Chef Dario Tomaselli, a highly-experienced professional chef, together: Passion Is Cooking. We have created unique experiences online to connect companies through food, wine and cooking.

“Thank you Dario and Anita for making it easy, entertaining, and delicious for our team to bond and spend time together. We have been mostly working from home and missing each other during these times.” – Geralyn

3 Benefits of Having An Online Corporate Cooking Class For Your Next Meeting or Virtual Holiday Event:

  1. Increased productivity is key. Many employees are feeling so isolated during these times and productivity is lost working from home. Through team building, our classes create lasting bonds and connections, and the feeling of being included leads to better productivity.

During our classes I connected with Sue from California talking about the wine we shared with our dinner and we are now still connected through work and helping each other keep motivated from home.” – Theresa

2. Show the company cares. Many employees are feeling that the company is not supporting during these times because communications are not the same working from home. Organizing a cooking class or holiday experience maintains company connection and shows employees that the company cares to include their families or just have for the team.

“We enjoyed an evening of cooking with food, and wine pairing with the company employees. We learned so much from each other and believe it or not we enjoyed some of the “getting to know you” activities that make us closer. Food was delicious as well with a well known chef like Dario.” – Sue

3. Health is key not only these days, but always. Health maintenance directly leads to productivity in the workplace, and overall lifestyle balance. Employees are looking for ways to cook healthy and delicious meals that are not only cost effective, but easy to get products at the store. Healthy employees mean happy employees, so you can feel good about hosting with us.

Dario & Anita created one healthy meal for our cooking experience that we had asked to do from their Fridge Feast series. They had 3 ingredients to create a meal from and we all created that night. It was fun and easy to do with the family. Home cooking is more enjoyable than we thought, and you know what the ingredients are. Liked the juice pairing recipes Anita created as an option for a healthy alternative.” – John

rogers media cooking in quarantine

There’s no better time to have Passion Is Cooking host your next team building or holiday event.

Our Cook-A-Vision program is available online or live at your next conference to host a fun and motivational experience that will create memories for a lifetime. Let’s get cooking!

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