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Health and Happiness Hacks

for Burned Out,
Frustrated Mid-Lifers

Non communicable disease count for 71% of all deaths that lifestyle could fix. What if you could spend just a little time for 5 straight days, learning about how to live a more inspired healthy life around food, travel and fun, participating in a lively, engaging, supportive community of like-minded midlifers? If that sounds like something you not only want, but NEED, this free, 5 Day Challenge is perfect for you!

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who are burned out, tired of being isolated at home, living a life you hate, and longing for connection with your spouse, friends, and the world!
Are you feeling uninspired by the daily grind of your life?
Are you tired of being isolated at home, eating the same foods night after night?
Do you feel like, after a year and a half of pandemic lockdowns, you’ve fallen into a huge rut and have no idea how to get out of it?
Is your health suffering because of your stressful lifestyle?
Are you feeling disconnected from your partner and friends and wanting to reignite your passion for your relationships?

Not to sound dramatic, but that’s not really living!

We know, because we’ve been there. What we’ll be offering during this challenge quite literally saved our lives (and we believe it could change yours, too)!

Did You Know…


of North Americans spend more on medicine than food


Say they connect less and less every year

Are you ready to start living your life again instead of just surviving every day?
Allow us to introduce you to the Mediterranean Lifestyle!
This simple, inspired way of living is the key to health, happiness and longevity. The Mediterranean Lifestyle consists of consciously choosing easy, daily habits that create a healthy, simple, joyful, and sustainable way of living. It’s about living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment.

It’s a way of living

not a diet

that can change your life!

Chances are good you know from experience that diets don’t work. When you understand that, you’ll want to learn to incorporate simple steps for health, happiness, and longevity into your life without counting calories or depriving yourself. That means learning how to cook, eat, and live using easy, delicious recipes and making simple daily activity changes inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. The Mediterranean lifestyle is the perfect balance of healthy, delicious eating, a simple, peaceful lifestyle, exciting travel, connection with others who love life as much as you do, and intentional activities that give you the confidence to live a life full of passion every day.
Join us for our LIVE, FREE…

Health and Happiness Hacks Challenge

November 15-19, 2021

Over 5 inspiring, fun-filled days, we’ll be sharing some of our best tips and tools for incorporating healthy living, mindset, and eating strategies into your busy life so you can learn to slow down and start actually enjoying it.

Here’s what you’ll get during this free challenge:

Healthy tips from health advocate and rich life strategist Anita Heidema

Mind..Body…Soul…to help you lower your cholesterol, and reduce your chances of developing diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune issues, all while learning to live a healthy, balanced, joyful life with the Mediterranean Lifestyle

A Plan for Healthy Habits

A simple plan for incorporating daily healthy habits into your life which will have you living a more fulfilling, healthy life

A Plan for Reconnecting

Inspiring ideas for getting back together with friends and family (remember dinner parties?) and improving your relationships through food and connection, and the chance to meet other awesome mid-lifers and empty nesters just like you (because connection is the key during this challenge)

A glimpse into the Mediterranean Lifestyle

Specific instructions for making 20% of the meals you prepare an exploration of something new, and the other 80% easy, healthy, satisfying, and fast, all while finding the joy in cooking and eating together with your significant other, family, and friends

Actual, in-the-kitchen lessons from world renowned chef Dario Tomaselli

He’ll show you how to create healthy meals without compromising flavor and variety

Tips to Try Foods & Plan for Adventure

Fun and easy tips for finding flavor while learning about traveling to exciting foreign destinations from home, as well as planning your next REAL travel adventure

Five days to a new, better life (and best of all, it’s free)! Join us for…

Health and Happiness Hacks Challenge

This 5 day challenge is not a diet plan. We won’t ask you to eliminate anything. This challenge is about helping you see a simple path to a balanced, optimistic, positive approach to living (the Mediterranean Lifestyle) that has been proven to add longevity and happiness to your life.

See what clients say…

This is for you if you’re ready to…

Stop stressing over what you cook or eat and start enjoying (even looking forward to) making dinner every night…
Connect with friends and family in a relaxed setting, sharing a great meal, wine, and conversation again
Reignite the spark with your partner right from your own kitchen
Give yourself permission to slow down, start having fun, and enjoy your life
Incorporate fun activities around food and travel into your everyday life

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Health and Happiness Hacks Challenge

Here’s what we’ll cover during the 5 days of the challenge:

Day One

We’ll go over our 8 Principles to a Mediterranean Lifestyle and teach you how to incorporate these easy, healthy, and happy changes into your everyday life (complete with a simple chart to keep you on track)

Day two

Learn how to get a healthy balance back into your life the Mediterranean way. Anita will share simple health principles and practical tips she and Dario have used to take back control of their lives. We’ll even share our favorite meal plan so you have a blueprint to work from!

Day three

Join Chef Dario as he makes one of his delicious and healthy dishes (and don’t worry, you’ll get the recipe once he’s done) and learn the importance of Mediterranean cuisine and how to make simple, flavorful, healthy adjustments to the way you cook and eat on a daily basis

Day four

Get excited about traveling again, and learn about our favorite destinations for amazing cuisine

Day five

Learn how to connect with others the Mediterranean way, including tools and exercises to help make this easy



Discover the hottest travel spots for the rest of this year and into 2022

Rekindle passion and romance with your partner through new delicious interests
Learn new top trends around food, wine, health, cooking and travel
Get inspired with new recipe ideas (it’s time to get cooking!)
Choose the best wines to pair with all your meals
Put relationships first again with your partner, self and others
Discover fun new activities to create some positive momentum in your life
Meet new, like-minded people who share your common interests and passions
Create a bucket list of places you want to explore and make a plan to go after them
Live an inspired life.

We live our inspired life every day and love sharing with a community that does too! We’re on a mission to help others do the same through travel and food.

By the end of day five, you’ll be inspired, have specific tools to use to intentionally incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily life, and a community of like-minded new friends with whom to continue your connection. We’re passionate about making sure you walk away with a whole new outlook on the rest of your life!

“Thank you both so much for igniting dormant dreams & passions…making me realize it’s time to make them come to life with like-minded people…my time now as my kids have reached independent stages of their lives.

I admire your passion for openly sharing what is meaningful to you & creating community as we often go through life in our own little worlds…especially as this pandemic has magnified a sense of loneliness in many. The positive is it’s allowed us the time to realize & think deeply about what is important in our lives…family, friends, good health, life experiences, continued learning & adventure = creating memories!”

Helen W

“This challenge has saved our marriage and life. We were so consumed with being busy in the wrong way and neglecting what was important. Our health and each other. Thank you Anita & Dario”


What are you waiting for? Come join us for the…

Health and Happiness Hacks Challenge

5 Day Challenge

About Us

Founders of O’Live Your Life, Chef Dario Tomaselli and Rich Life Strategist and Health Advocate Anita Heidema are ambassadors for living your best life now with the Mediterranean Lifestyle!

As a World-Renowned Multilingual Italian Chef with decades of training, and a Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate, we have so much to share with you. Over the past several years, we have found the secrets and benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle and distilled them into a simple set of steps that you can do from anywhere in the world. Our healthy and passionate Mediterranean lifestyle and mindset shifts will inspire you to create a lifestyle that brings you joy through small changes and strong connections.

We’ve integrated our skills with food, travel, fun dinner events, global culinary techniques, nutritious menus, and mindset adjustments designed to show you how. It’s time to feel more confident—and have more fun—in the kitchen again, while re-discovering the world and reconnecting get-togethers with the ones you love. Making these intentional shifts creates a ripple effect that re-ignites other areas in your life.

What are you waiting for? Come join us for the…

Live the Mediterranean Lifestyle

5 Day Challenge

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