3 Secrets to the Mediterranean lifestyle - health, happiness and simplified living!

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Chef Alfonso and Chef Ernesto of Don Alfonzo 1890 in the Amalfi Coast Italy.

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Meet Your Hosts

Anita Heidema & Dario Tomaselli

O'Live Your Life is about

…bringing couples, friends and family together through food to foster healthy meaningful connections, and reconnection.

World-renowned Celebrity Executive Chef Dario Tomaselli and his partner, Mindset Rich Life Strategist Anita Heidema share their passion for delicious food, healthy home cooking & juicing, and the age-old practice of preparing and sharing meals together, through easy online videos, interactive cooking classes, global food reviews and international culinary tours.

Together, they integrate their culinary, nutrition and mindset techniques to foster healthier lifestyle eating habits, better relationships and more positive lifestyle choices. Their mantra of ‘cook & eat together to stay together’ is born of a simple mission: to encourage people to go back into the kitchen, connect with food to reignite the experience of sharing a meal, and your time, with one another.

Join us for Food
Life Talk Series

The full Foodie Talks series are available with our International Dinner Club membership program. When you sign up, each month you will receive a 5 course menu with recipes of a different country/region to enjoy with friends and family. Enjoy a fun culinary experience where you bring the world to you.

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“Thank you both so much for igniting dormant dreams & passions…making me realize it’s time to make them come to life with like-minded people…my time now as my kids have reached independent stages of their lives.

I admire your passion for openly sharing what is meaningful to you & creating community as we often go through life in our own little worlds…especially as this pandemic has magnified a sense of loneliness in many. The positive is it’s allowed us the time to realize & think deeply about what is important in our lives…family, friends, good health, life experiences, continued learning & adventure = creating memories!”

Helen W

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