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In this fast-paced, often turbulent and stressful world in which we live, most of us yearn for simplicity. We’re looking for a simpler way to live, eat, and travel, and we’re looking for more connection with people in all three of those areas. In short, we’re looking for a healthier, happier, more joyful life. In their lifestyle cookbook, Living the Mediterranean Lifestyle from Anywhere, life and business partners Anita Heidema and Chef Dario Tomisello share their own journey into taking back control of their lives, walking away from the stress of the corporate world, and embracing the idyllic lifestyle of Dario’s home country of Italy. If a self-help book and a cookbook had a child, it would be this book. The outcome is a life-changing combination of wisdom, inspiration, and recipes for delicious, nutritious food that anyone can make.

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You will learn…

The book in part 1 is a comprehensive dive into the five pillars of the Mediterranean Lifestyle, sharing not only why it’s a way of life you should embrace, but also giving you tips, tools, and recipes to help you begin. Part 2 offers delicious recipes with wine and juicing pairing for you to enjoy. They’ll cover:


Organize by creating a 21-day meal plan and a daily plan to build different, healthier habits


Learn to use their Mediterranean Lifestyle Pyramid and learn from the history of the healthy people who’ve inhabited what they call the “blue zones” for generations

Ingredients that are easy to keep and source, and are also healthy and delicious
Vitality through connection with others and healthy relationships
Explore your inner chef, global cuisine, and cooking techniques that will make meal preparation your favorite part of the day
Recipe share of top delicious Mediterranean dishes from 5 countries.
ONLY 9.97

The Mediterranean Lifestyle is more of a way of living then a diet.

It is a balance of healthy eating habits and also recognizing the importance of being physically active while enjoying meals with family and friends. Anita and Dario love to live the Mediterranean lifestyle, no matter where they are, at home in Canada or travelling the globe. The simple principles they share, rooted in their own experience, expertise and research, translate to every culture and cuisine around the world. They’ll teach you how to embrace the techniques that make it easy to use the lifestyle principles anywhere and anytime.

About Us

Founders of O’Live Your Life, Rich Life Strategist and Health Advocate Anita Heidema and Chef Dario Tomaselli are ambassadors for living your best life now with the Mediterranean Lifestyle!

As a World-Renowned Multilingual Italian Chef with decades of training, and a Rich Life Strategist & Health Advocate, they have so much to share with you. Over the past several years, they have found the secrets and benefits of the Mediterranean Lifestyle and distilled them into a simple set of steps that you can do from anywhere in the world. Their healthy and passionate Mediterranean lifestyle and mindset shifts will inspire you to create a lifestyle that brings you joy through small changes and strong connections. In this book, they’ve integrated their skills with food, travel, global culinary techniques, nutritious menus, and mindset adjustments designed to show you how. It’s time to feel more confident—and have more fun—in the kitchen again, while re-discovering the world and reconnecting through get-togethers with the ones you love. Making these intentional shifts creates a ripple effect that re-ignites other areas in your life. Their book will not only give you the inspiration you need to commit to this new, healthier way of life, but also 5 sample menus from around the world, complete with recipes and helpful culinary tips.

ONLY 9.97

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