3 Secrets to the Mediterranean lifestyle - health, happiness and simplified living!

Who is Anita?

Join Rich Life Strategist, Author, Speaker and Business coach Anita Heidema as she guides you along the path to a fulfilling and meaningful Mediterranean Lifestyle. Refuel your body, mind and soul as you metamorphose from an overworked professional into a balanced, happy human being living a more inspired, healthier life.
Anita’s life journey has been rich and varied, leading her from Vision Travel Agency owner, to corporate businesswoman, to Rich Life Strategist, and now to you. As a business educator at Ryerson University, a Harvard Business Mentor, and hypnotherapist trained in neuro linguistic programming, Anita’s 10 years of teaching her Rich Life Strategies will take you down a path of rediscovery, inspiring you to live a peaceful, Mediterranean inspired life.

After Anita spent 25 years in the corporate world, she found herself burned out and dealing with stress-related health issues. Realizing there had to be more to life, she shifted her focus, and spent the next 6 years training in coaching, neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, and reiki. Combining this newfound wisdom with her extensive knowledge of luxury travel, she stepped into an entirely new career and found a whole new, richer, and more balanced life.

In 2014, Anita became the bestselling author of Vitality Knocks. She has written articles for Huffington Post, Look Magazine, and Sun Media. Anita has been seen on CP24, CHCH, Roger’s Morning, Nikki Clarke Show Daytime, and was a co-host on the TV show The Positive Panel.

She’s the host for her podcast Ah-Ha Moments for Success, a sought-after speaker, program and meditation creator, and now co-brand owner with her partner Chef Dario Tomiselli of O’Live Your Life. Together, they inspire with their O’Live Your Life Lifestyle TV, blogs posts about food and travel on their website, their popular International Dinner Club, and their NEW Anita & Dario Adventures weekly show. Anita also currates and shares homemade juice recipe development and mindset tools designed to inspire the foodie consumer with a passion for life. After overcoming multiple health crises in her own life and losing her mother to Lewybody Dementia, Anita felt compelled and passionate about becoming a health advocate. In fact, O’Live Your Life donates a portion of every program purchased to the Lewybody Dementia society to help understand and develop treatments for the disease

Anita takes you along the 8 simple steps of living a Mediterranean Lifestyle from anywhere in the world. You will regain your optimism, sharpen your focus, and achieve clarity through her Ah-Ha moments. You’ll rekindle your connections to others through impromptu gatherings, cooking together, and learning how to be in the moment with yourself and your loved ones.

The Community Says…

“Anita has helped me understand there is more to life than work. Now after taking her programs and continuing to practice, my stress level has decreased and believe it or not, I have been more productive.. My business has excelled and so has my personal life. Happiness is a priority with Anita’s process that relates to success in all areas of my life & business. Thank you.”

Peter Stratus

“Anita you have helped me save my life personally and professionally. You have given me simple principles with huge impact to saving my health, relationships and business.”


“Who would have thought slowing down could actually make you more money. Focused approach by Anita. By concentration on my health and relations with some targeted focus on business strategies every area of my life has soared.”

Nancy Reid

“I like to live a healthish life and the times I do not want to have wine with dinner the juice pairs Anita created were incredibly delicious and you don’t feel left out.”

Cathy Vito

Isn’t it time to start really living your best life?

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